Dave Lee - ScotiaMcLeod White Rock - Core Values

By: Dave Lee  09-12-2011

History has taught that individuals in any organization must believe in their values. When we do not embody them, it is nearly impossible to forge a strong working relationship together.


We exhibit integrity by always interacting with others ethically and honourably.


We exhibit respect by empathizing and fully considering the diverse needs of others.


We are fully committed to achieving success for our clients, our team and ourselves.


We use our insight and high level of knowledge to pro-actively respond to our clients with the appropriate solutions. 

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Dave Lee - ScotiaMcLeod White Rock - Outstanding Client Service

We have learned that clients both want and need to know what that experience is all about - so here is an outline of the services you can expect from us. To keep us up to date with significant changes in your life, ie. marriage, business, property, retirements, etc. To recommend our services to friends and family when we have achieved or exceeded your expectations. We are dedicated to making your experience with us as rewarding as it can be.


Dave Lee - ScotiaMcLeod White Rock - Disciplined Investment Philosophy

You can reduce the time you spend managing your finances with the help of a dedicated Private Banker who will provide comprehensive, preferential banking services on a highly individualized basis. Our portfolio approach is focused on establishing the optimal asset allocation, investment selection and diversification to provide the best return possible for your appropriate level of risk.


Dave Lee - ScotiaMcLeod White Rock - Proven Advisory Process

Our advisory process is at the centre of how we deliver on our commitment to you and we involve you every step of the way.