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By: Advanced Aps  09-12-2011

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Maintenance Pricing Guide

A structured maintenance program is long term and Advanced APS can deliver!

Used in your Service Drive where you can quote on the exact price within seconds no matter who your customer talks to and it’s based on the owners guide giving credibility to you as a Dealer. Advanced APS has recently completed the latest Maintenance Pricing Guide for Chrysler Canada and Chrysler Group LLC. Dealers. Menu pricing has been used for years as an effective tool to sell maintenance with posted prices making the recommendation quick and simple. In many cases the "One size fits all” rule leads to lost gross as one vehicle requires more labour or parts than another vehicle and often sold at the wrong interval placing credibility in question. During this sales process the dealer often ignores the maintenance that is specified by the manufacture that is required to validate the customer’s warranty - which can result in lost sales and customer retention.

Advanced APS has the answer!

The latest APS Maintenance Pricing Guide is a live Web program based on the Chrysler owner’s guide, shop manuals, and other published materials. It is updated daily reflecting any changes made to parts pricing, add-ons and the new product line as it rolls out the door.

How it Works

You build the Maintenance guide to match your current labour rate and parts mark up, adding your Dealer name and logo as you want it to appear with phone number or web site, address etc. There are many different labour rate categories that you can change the time or the rate, all parts are in their own respective source file that can be marked up within a dollar range based on MSRP or dealer cost and for fun – you can include a “Penny Escalator” In other words you can create your Maintenance Pricing Guide to read exactly to the penny as you would like.


  • Increase Customer Retention.
  • Increase CP Sales, CP repair order count and shop efficiency.
  • No loss of gross as continuously updated to reflect any change in parts or labour cost.
  • Increase to parts purchase loyalty - now selling PCV valves, drive belts, cabin air filters, ignition leads, timing belts etc, as documented in the owners guide.
  • Quick Quotes for individual services including wiper blades and batteries.
  • Management Reports for usage and maintenance mix of work through the shop doors.

Used by the service advisor for selling the basic required maintenance as set out by the manufacturer with the ability to make an accurate quote within seconds. Also allowing opportunity to sell dealer recommended services based on conditions and location. Then used during the Invoice review process with the customer – the next required maintenance and pre-booking the next service visit.

Used by the parts man and increasing shop efficiency as the parts man does not need to look up the part – just bill and supply.

Used by Sales Manager to assist with “Trade in value” – by performing the maintenance required by the Manufacture to bring to sellable condition and what it will cost. Today it’s more than just changing the oil and checking the brakes before stickering and placing on the used car line, we can now make the statement that “This vehicle is safe and all the required maintenance is up to date.” Let’s not forget the increased internal sales.

Business managers can demonstrate the value in maintenance and the savings to the Customer when selling a service contract with “Gold Plan Plus” by introducing the Maintenance Schedule used to service their new vehicle.

 Used by the salesman during the “Intro to Service Process” and in most cases solidifying the customers purchasing decision. It’s not just what the vehicle costs today but what it will also cost tomorrow to maintain and in most cases – very economical – growing customer retention from day “one” of the sale.


Advanced APS is available for on-site consulting for Fixed Operations where we will focus exactly on the areas that require attention as per the Dealer – Ex. - Service Write-up, selling skills, the 3 C’s and for management – the MBO, Forecasting for Fixed operations, Understanding the DOC, or use portions of The Customer Retention “Full Circle Process”


-          Service Contract offering

-          Intro to Maintenance

-          Intro to Service Department

-          Pre-book first appointment

-          The delivery


-          Confirm first appointment

-          Appointment systems

-          Tee-off times

-          Appointment is with Advisor

Courtesy Inspection

-          Involve customer

-          Head to Tail Inspection

-          Tire Measurement

-          Lights, Blades, Body

Service Write Up

-          Vehicle Information Sheet

-          Name, Address, Recall

-          Recommending Required Maintenance

-          Not order taking


-          Estimate

-          Show value

-          Two Call Rule

Service Invoice

-          The 3 C’s

-          Review

-          Pre-book next Service Appointment

-          Signature


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