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Panchkarma is a traditional multi-day Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation program for the body, mind and spirit. The program includes pre-purification methods to nourish and prepare the body to let go of accumulated toxins, followed by the purification methods themselves. Panchakarma traditionally includes full-body massage with warm, herbalised infused oils, herbal steam baths, body scrubs, and a number of other healing therapies which, when taken in a specific sequence, gently and effectively purify the body. , a whole meal balanced with all 4 food groups and all 6 tastes is prepared fresh daily by your practitioner

According to Ayurveda, health is a perfect state of balance among the body’s three fundamental humors, or doshas (vata, pitta and kapha), and equally vital is the balance among the body, mind and soul. Changes in age, seasonal changes, wrong diet, habits, lifestyle, represses emotions and stress factors can all act to upset our natural balance, weakening agni (digestive fire) and leading to accumulation of toxins. These toxins and deep-seated emotions build up in the tissues of the body and can lead to dis-ease if not eliminated. Panchakarma is a completely natural form of healing, in which the body is encouraged simultaneously let go of its excesses and retrieve its essences.

Through purification of the subtle channels in the body, the beautiful wisdom and innate intelligence, is allowed to function optimally. By removing blocks to this biological intelligence, the entire physiology is integrated, immunity is strengthened, and the damaging effects of aging are reversed.

The aims and objectives of this science are to maintain the health of a healthy person and heal the dis-ease of an unhealthy person. This is obtained by restoring the balance of the natural processes in the body. The ancient texts praise Panchakarma as a seasonal rejuvenation treatment for ensuring balance year in year out.

About Pancha Karma:
Deep physical, mental and emotional healing is often experienced as a result of Panchakarma. People report a feeling of lightness in the body and clarity of mind, and their weight naturally balances. The three to seven days of cleansing involves a two-hour treatment consisting of a warm, nurturing oil massage given by two experienced therapists. This is followed by a relaxing full body steam treatment, which enables the oils to penetrate and lubricate the tender bodily tissues. Each day of your Panchakarma works deeper, from superficial to deep affecting nurturing, dislodging toxins to be eliminated.

Benefits of the Cleanse:

• Cleanses the body of accumulated toxins
• Increases energy, vitality and mental clarity
• Improvement in appetite and digestive patterns
• Deeply relaxing
• Anti-aging
• Reverses the negative effects of stress on the tissues and body cells
• Rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit
• A supporting and caring environment that provides space for true contemplation and self-exploration

Daily Treatments
Each day will be facilitated by 1 or 2 Ayurvedic Practitioners who will perform your ayurvedic treatments based on your constitution and daily process. The purpose of these treatments is to profoundly relax the body and mind, improve the flow of energy by opening the channels of circulation, and to prepare the body to eliminate excess toxins (ama) on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The client will then receive a therapeutic sweat, which is done in a specialized steam box with essential oils. This dilates the channels of circulation, further loosening and removing impurities through the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

An herbal scrub is worked into the entire body to promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve immunity.

Panchakarma Fees:
Panchakarma Program, per day: $325.00 (1 therapist) - $560.00 ( 2 therapists)

Each program is tailored for the client’s current state and constitution. The basic 3-7 day program consists of a daily check-in consultation and 3+ hours of treatments. Our clients are typically with us from 8:30 = 1:30 each day. All meals, herbal teas, and herbal formulas are include.

Initial Consultation: $100.00

Please schedule your panchakarma appointment in advance to secure the dates you desire.

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Keywords: Ayurveda, Oil Massage, Panchakarma, Therapists, Toxins

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