Snowboard Addiction - learn to ride program download

By: Snowboard Addiction  09-12-2011


The Learn to Ride program consists of one 45 minute, in depth video broken into 7 sections plus a bonus video on setting up your board

Section 1: Inside Movements
-Exercises to try at home to improve your balance and get you used to the feeling of snowboarding before you get to the hill.
-This maximizes your on snow time and minimizes first day falls

Section 2: On Snow Movements

-Exercises to try on the snow do get you used to the feeling of sliding around

-How to skate around and get on the chairlift

-Using the waddle technique to get around flat areas while strapped in

-How to stand up from a sitting position

Section 3: Riding Downhill

-How to find the "fall line" and get started going down hills

-We start learning how to use our edge to turn

Section 4: Riding Across The Slope

-Experiment with your edges and learn how to traverse

-How to slow yourself down and stop

-Learn how to ride across the slope while controlling speed and exploring with movement

Section 5 : Turns

-How to perform toeside and heelside turns

-Linking your turns and making them flow smoothly


Section 6 : Switch Riding

-The best way to learn switch is to start early before your too used to riding regular

-We show you the best technique for learning quickly with minimal difficulties

Section 7: Challenging Your Riding

-We show you a bunch of little tricks that you can practice which are easy to do and look sick

-Nose and tail presses, ollies and nollies, 180's, hand drags, and spinning on snow are all covered

Bonus Video:

The Learn to Ride program also includes a bonus video on Board Setup.

This vid covers the ins and outs of getting your equipment ready to hit the slopes.

We briefly cover choosing the right board, boots, and bindings for your riding style

and show you how to set it all up for maximum shredability.

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