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By: Siberian Sandbox  09-12-2011
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The Siberian Sandbox on line Medicine Ball program is a program designed to improve core strength, range of motion and both upper and lower body strength, agility as well as develop and tone mussels you forgot you had. The program involves learning how to effectively exercise many different core muscles at once rather than isolating single muscles one at a time.

Not only does the program improve muscle strength by progressing from lower weight resistance to higher weight resistance, it simultaneously improves joint and tendon integrity.

Our on line program is going to give you a new workout each time you log on. There are 40 individual and unique routines designed by using a constantly changing arrangement of a large variety of exercises which will provide you with a new routine each day and in random order so you won't know which one you are about to enter. There are 16 exercises in each routine which will target all of your muscles as well as provide you with a great cardio workout. Exercises vary in length from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the intensity and nature of the exercise. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a timer in the corner of the screen which gives you an indication of how long each exercise will be. You can use this timer to help determine your pace. There is a 45 second break in between exercises, during the break you are going to be shown the next exercise. You might find some exercises difficult at first so feel free to alter them slightly to one that you can do for the entire duration of the intended exercise. An example would be a clapping pushup, if this exercise is too difficult you can substitute it with a regular push up with a faster pace.

During the workout try to do your best to keep up with the pace of the athlete you see on your screen. Don't worry if you can't maintain his pace, he is a three time Olympic Downhill skier. It's more important that you maintain a steady pace for the entire duration of each exercise. You will benefit more from pushing yourself to complete the exercise in the time frame given than pushing yourself too hard and not completing the exercise. Go at a pace you're comfortable with but push yourself hard and work your way up, before you know it you'll be keeping pace right along with him. Answers to questions you might have can be found in the FAQ section of our site. If you can't find the answer there, feel free to contact us via our forum or on Skype.

Online program trailer.

A sample from our DVD workout.

I realize that the weight loss and drop in size wasn’t what meant the most to me. It’s the confidence I found within myself, and the friendship formed. This program is not just about becoming as physically fit as you can be, it’s about becoming the best person you can be. The Siberian Sandbox program teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle; it helps you find the balance we all search for, and it’s about total physical and mental wellbeing.”
Jennifer Simms, Spa Director
Four Seasons Resort Whistler, BC

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