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Once, shame on you, twice, shame on me. In case it’s been a while since you’ve been through foundations, one of the goals with CrossFit is to improve your fitness. Defined by these specific skills:
CardioVascular Endurance

For the longest time, I’ve relied on executing movements in their full Range of Motion to improves ones flexibility, but it’s proving to not be enough. So, it’s now in our programming. You can thank Steve for that one, he’s the brains behind this stroke of genius.

I do want to address a few things here, clarify if you will, as I feel I need to fill in the blank on a few topics.

The mobility we do in our class should not replace stretching after workouts. Stretching in general, is something that most of you should do more of. (If you think I am talking about you, this time you are right!)

Most of the drills we are doing is to help you get your body in the right positions/postures during movements and exercises. We are doing these prior to your workouts. Which some of you have been quick to point out that stretching before workouts isn’t recommended. However, I would argue we are not stretching. The example being, if you can get your shoulders back far enough to overhead squat, is working on your Thoracic Spine to help improve shoulder mobility going to be bad to do before a workout? Of course not, it’ll actually help you do the movement. And, it will allow you to work more efficiently.

Can it be a goal to get there one day. Yes. But you need to honour where you’re at, and work from there. Take the instructions of the movement/stretch, and work within your ability. We are looking to make small strides, not big leaps.

It is a problem if you are have issues getting your body in to these positions, and I’m not talking about the splits, I am talking about what it takes to execute full range of motion in the exercise we use in class. It’s a recipe for injury. That is of course if it doesn’t already cause you pain or discomfort. What you do about it is entirely up to you. Hopefully what we address in class will help you discover what you need to work on, and that in turn will motivate you to address it on your own time. (Before/after class, or at home.) You don’t need a PhD in anatomy to address where you’re tight. Take whatever positions that are a struggle for you in the gym, and go from there. Stretch those positions. You don’t have to know it’s your piriformis, or your pec minor, you just have to know where you are tight. And I am willing to bet that all of you know the answer to that. Of course coaches are here to help, so don’t be shy to ask.

Wait, hold the phone, there is one really, really important note I hadn’t mentioned. And that your body needs to recover from mobility. Crazy thought. Stretch you hammies like a madman, or a madwoman. What do you think they will feel like the next day? Tight? Sore? Stiff? Yes, you very well could be. Start your mobility in moderation. And be thoughtful of what you have going on the next day. As your prep work can actually set you back if you are not careful.

Over and out.


Keywords: Stretching

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In short, both Sophie and Mama Bear were waiting patiently for Don and I finish our part of the workout, as the way workout was setup, it was only until the men finished all their work could the ladies start theirs. There was a little drama, Steve was down a 2 points with 2 workouts to go, but in what is now known as “The Howler’s” trademark, the last day is where he likes to shine.