Snowmobile Survival Kits and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

By: Snowmobile Survival Kit Canada  20-12-2010
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 Snowmobile Survival Kit Canada was created by an experienced Search & Rescue Technician for one purpose: To design and supply snowmobile enthusiasts with professional grade, light weight survival kits for surviving an overnight backcountry stay in sub-zero temperatures. All of our kits provide elements of shelter/heat conservation, fire starting tools, self heating military grade food (MRE) that will supply the calories to help maintain normal body temperatures, lithium powered lights and strobe beacons, first aid supplies and much more.

The components of our kits come from the most recognized equipment suppliers in the industry: Petzl LED headlamps, Adventure Medical Kits, and the amazing 6 ounce SnowClaw backcountry snow shovel. Our four course pre-cooked meal ready to eat (MRE) includes a flameless heater which will produce a hot, good tasting, high calorie meal within 12 minutes and is essentially the same meal kit used by Canadian and U.S. military forces in the field.

Backcountry travel is exhilarating. We want you and your loved ones to be prepared in the event they are forced to endure an unplanned, frigid Canadian winter’s night on their own. Make no mistake, hypothermia and frostbite are serious and even deadly threats to those stranded in the cold. Leave a trip plan, learn survival techniques and carry a professional grade survival kit.

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