Q-GPS completely reinvents lead management and CRM for any dealer type

By: Quantech Software  09-12-2011
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Lead Management For Any Type of Dealership

Q-GPS will take lead management and CRM at your Autodealership, RV dealership, PowerSports Dealership, or Marine Dealership to the next level. We’ve combined years of R&D work, tried and true dealership sales practices, and the latest in Internet tools and developed a system that will help your dealership increase performance on the sales floor and in the marketing department.

Case Study: Titan Automotive Group

Titan Automotive Group shows how a dealership can really benefit when processes and technology are combined effectively. The following is a "day in the life" of one of Canada's top dealerships.

Top 4 Ways Q-GPS Will Increase Sales at your Dealership

  1. Seeing the Big Picture – Managers and sales staff will love how the “dashboard” graphically displays top level information with the ability to drill down to the details. In seconds get the right information to focus your attention where it’s needed most. Other CRM’s bury you in details, but our software enables dealership management from a 30,000 ft. view as well.
  2. Sales Effectiveness – The Q-GPS follow up system makes it impossible for leads to fall through the cracks. Your sales team’s daily activities will be laser-focused on what’s going to put money in their wallet right now! It’s like having half of the work for your sales lead management done for you!
  3. Management Effectiveness – Q-GPS makes it easy for you to see at a glance what’s getting done, and more importantly what isn’t, so you can focus YOUR attention where it’s needed. Q-GPS tells you where your advertising dollars are most effective and what customers are looking for so you can make better inventory purchases. Our dealership management software enables auto dealers, RV dealers, power sport and marine dealers to go beyond the raw data of a basic CRM system - it helps you make smarter business decisions everyday.

Keywords: Dealership Management, management software, Marine Dealership, Rv Dealership, Sales Staff

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