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By: Wingle Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Product Development , Design And Engineering

What factors influence the success of your product in the marketplace? How do you get to market faster, at a lower cost and with higher quality standards? Being able to answer these questions helps set technology companies apart and gives them a significant competitive advantage.

With more than 80 percent of a product’s price and supply chain performance determined in the design and engineering phase, accessing the right EMS partner who can deliver on all fronts is imperative. Wingle’s global infrastructure, quality and technology leadership, and reputation in the marketplace help you compete and succeed.

An extension of your product development team . . .

Quality. At Wingle we believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that exceeds our customers’ expectations. WGE is committed to this challenge and continuously works to improve our day-to-day operations in all facilities worldwide.

We drive customer success through:

  • Relentless focus on customer requirements
  • Globally focused quality management system
  • Data-driven management
  • Specialized resources and focused training
  • Certification to industry standards
  • Measurable management-ready reporting systems
  • Six Sigma programs
  • Operational audit programs
  • ISO 9000 and industry-specific registrations, as applicable to our specific end markets
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

Design and Engineering. Wingle's design teams are dedicated to serving the product development needs of our customers. Operating from multiple design centers in North America, Europe and Asia, WGE offers access to hundreds of skilled designers, engineers and technologists with over 100 patents. These highly skilled design and engineering teams provide an extensive range of value-added services that complement Wingle's complete end-to-end manufacturing services strategy.

Our Design & Engineering group is a one-stop shop for value-added design and engineering services that streamline product development. Working closely with our New Product Introduction (NPI) centers that serve as gateways to lower-cost manufacturing in Asia, Eastern Europe and Mexico, our Design & Engineering group quickly isolates any potential issues that could impact time-to-market or cost variables.

Full system capabilities – from concept through design to prototyping facilities include:

  • PCB and Backplane fabrication, assembly and test
  • Cable assembly
  • Enclosure fabrication
  • Validation and regulatory compliance
  • Reliability test and analysis
  • Final system integration and test
  • Product transfer to lower-cost regions

Product Life Cycle Management. At WGE, we seek opportunities for design and engineering involvement early in the life cycle, starting right at the concept phase. We will continue to provide engineering support through all subsequent phases to “end of life.” Our goal is to help streamline the management of your product life cycle.

Compliance Design and Testing. Wingle’s experienced design and test personnel, world-class compliance laboratories and commitment to quality, technology and service ensure a worry-free design and engineering experience. We offer a full suite of design, redesign and testing services to meet your critical project requirements. And with approvals and certifications worldwide, we make sure all products manufactured are in compliance with local and international regulatory requirements.

RoHS/WEEE. winglegroup electronics is ready to provide complete turnkey support for your product transition requirements to meet the RoHS/WEEE deadlines. End-to-end RoHS/WEEE support includes:

  • RoHS/WEEE planning
  • Design assessments
  • End-of-life planning
  • Design and engineering, documentation and BOM conversions
  • Product validation and requalification
  • Process qualification, dual process transition and inventory management

Keywords: Design And Engineering, Product Development , Product Introduction, supply chain

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