ACSL-MAX MailProtection

By: Wendy Wealick  09-12-2011

The key benefits of ACSL-MAX MailProtection are:

  • Comprehensive and highly accurate spam filtering.
  • Zero-hour antivirus protection.
  • Rapid deployment and simple ongoing management.
  • Business continuity with integrated queuing and on-demand mail service.
  • Simple, per-user-per-month pricing structure, with no capital expenditure or start-up costs.
  • Minimized risks of incorrectly classified messages.
  • Substantially greater scalability and reliability than a software or hardware solution dependent on a single device.
  • Message logging and search capabilities.
  • Responsive and competent technical support.

We use ACSL-MAX MailProtection ourself and recommend it to our customers!

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Patch Management

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