Shafer's Dispatching Software, A Better Way to Dispatch and Manage Service Calls

By: Shafers  09-12-2011

Our is event driven by a background server that refreshes information every 30 seconds so that boards are always current. The even manages abnormal events like running for parts, etc. It will automatically copy every service call status to a back-up file on a designated workstation away from the main database to protect service call information should the back office server ever go offline.

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Shafer' - GPS Vehicle Tracking

The entire system works together, importing the coordinates and sending them to the back office, allowing your dispatchers to track a vehicle's speed, direction and how long it was parked at each stop, at any time with a real-time wireless connection. Other features include the ability to see everywhere technicians have been and an exception report, listing all coordinates not relating to service calls.

09-12-2011 - Service Management Software

Use our to log any additional work found at a customer's site to help increase sales when your business is slow and our Module to organize all of your maintenance plan data. We can even connect you wirelessly to your technicians, using, and give them service calls on a handheld device that can print invoices right at the job site.

09-12-2011 - Field Service Software

We also have a complete that, when mounted in your vehicles, will provide a true mobile office field service solution and give each technician the ability to create, print and distribute professional invoices to your customers at the time of the call. Since that time, with nearly five years experience providing field service software solutions, Shafer’s has become the clear leader in Wireless Mobile Field Service Software.

09-12-2011 - Maintenance Agreements

The Shafer’s Maintenance Agreements feature, as part of the all-encompassing Service Module, eases the process of creating, maintaining and renewing your customer’s maintenance agreements while helping improve sales. Efficiency will be realized with the ability to view the customer’s profile, equipment and tasks to be performed all within one application.