RPost's Registered Email Services

By: Rpost  09-12-2011

Award winning Registered Email® service returns a certified email proof record of delivery, content and official time.. Legal Proof®.

RPost has set the global standard for , privacy, and e-signatures offered as ® services — an all-inclusive platform for proof of email delivery, content and official time, proof of privacy compliance with end-to-end email encryption, and e-signatures designed to speed contract sign-off. Plugs into Outlook, Lotus, Groupwise, Zimbra, BlackBerry, Salesforce.com, SAP, and other sender email programs. The receiver does not require any special software. 

Benefits of RPost services:

  • Saves time & money by reducing the need to send important documents by FedEx/fax/postal.
  • Simplifies record-keeping as all delivery receipts are sorted automatically and can reconstruct a verified electronic original.
  • Increases responsiveness since recipient is aware sender has official proof of delivery.

What sets RPost services apart?

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to install on one desktop or thousands – set up within minutes.
  • Does not store a copy of your message or attachments.

RPost is convinced that you will find the Registered Email® service to be a powerful, practical, and cost-effective tool to help protect your business and enhance productivity.

Sending and receiving

Does not require any recipient action or special software

Uniform time sent and received (atomic clock)