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By: Prv Dental  09-12-2011
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Do you want straighter teeth but are worried about the hassle, pain and stigma that comes with metal braces? There used to be very little options for straightening teeth but within the last 15 years a new solution appeared called Invisalign.

How does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses clear teeth aligners, similar to a retainer, instead of metal and wires. 3-D Modeling is used to create a profile of your current teeth and to develop the aligners that will be used for the treatment. Once the aligners are made then you simply wear them on your teeth as much as possible. Every few weeks you will change aligners until your teeth are moved slowly to the desired position.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign?

The greatest advantage to Invisalign is that they do not have the stigma attached to traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are not only clear but they are also completely removable. If you have a big meeting that you are trying to look your best for then you can simply remove them. That being said you should leave them on as much as possible but even when worn Invisalign are hard to notice.

Since the aligners can be removed this also gives patients more freedom with what they can eat versus braces. It is also much easier to clean your teeth as you simply remove the aligners. With metal braces you are recommended to avoid hard food or sticky foods. With Invisalign you can eat whatever you want as you just need to remove your current aligner. Of course you should remember to floss and brush after each meal especially for sticky, sugary foods but you do this anyways right?

As for disadvantages, one of the worst ones comes from the fact that you can remove the aligners. Removing the aligners leads some people to not wear them as much as they should. This can lead to the treatment taking longer or your teeth not being ready to change to the next stage aligner. There is also the potential for lost aligners which will need to be replaced at a cost. These problems can be mitigated by proper discipline but sometimes become a real issue with younger teen patients.

Another disadvantage is that there are some cases where Invisalign is not as efficient at correcting teeth as traditional braces. In these cases it may be worthwhile to go with metal braces as they may correct the problem more quickly. If this is the case there are still many options for braces that are less noticeable then traditional metal brackets. Dr. Behmard will review all your options as well as the difference in cost before starting any treatment.

What Does Invisalign cost in Vancouver?

The cost of Invisalign is average in Vancouver as compared to the rest of Canada. The cost varies for different patients depending on how many aligners you need and also the type of teeth straightening you need. The cost is usually around the same as conventional braces and in very simple cases starts at $3500 up to major cases which can be as high as $8000. On average most people will fall somewhere in the middle range of $5000.

All Across Canada and North America almost 40,000 patients have enjoyed the benefits of Invisalign. This includes teen who are often unwilling to wear conventional braces due to the stigma attached to them.

Why not set up an appointment with park royal dental centre and Dr. Behmard will discuss if this treatment would be a good choice for you or your family.

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Keywords: teeth

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