Westbank Reiki Healing

By: Westbank reiki healing  20-02-2016
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Bringing calm and inner peace to you and your whole family with spa like treatments that helps all areas of your everyday life. Physical, Emotional, and Mental health Are You stressed? Have anxiety? Need more energy? Tired all the time? Feel scatter brained? Always in pain? Trying to lose weight and can't? Are your children over emotional? Is your house hold hectic? Well, what are your waiting for. . . let's get started! Have you heard about Reiki healing? Reiki healing is a spa like treatment to unblock all the negative experiences that has happened to you or around you. When you experience these energies, emotions, experiences such as stress, loss of someone or a pet, sadness, anxiety, other peoples bad energies stick to you, they get stored inside your body. (We store it) so Reiki Healing releases all of this for you. You lay fully clothed while relaxing and listening to relaxation music. That is it!! You will wonder why you didn’t try this sooner. Is it time to change your life and start living again! I am excited for you! Let's do this. It’s time to take care of yourself and your family. 1/2 hr session - $30.00 1 hr session - $60.00

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