We Reap What We Sow

By: Terri Knox  09-12-2011

As I travel back to my office in Kelowna, I can’t help but reflect back to my speaking sessions in the prairies. Driving through Saskatchewan is always special for a prairie girl like me, especially at this time of year when the sunsets are more than amazing and the array of fall colors is nothing short of magnificent! I could not help but notice all the combines, swathers and other harvesting machinery busy taking the harvest off.  The phrase “Reap What We Sow’ came to mind. In early spring and even during the winter season farmers plan, research, and focus all their attention to the following year’s crop. If they plant a crop that is not saleable or the market of a planted crop is not financially advantageous it could be a disastrous year for them. Not just financially but also emotionally and physically!  

My brother-in-law is one of the most courageous, considerate, smart, and consistent people I have ever known. I’ve always called him “King of Moderation” He has been a mentor to me since I was 13 years of age and I truly love him. He happens to be a farmer and his name is Orville. I’m not surprised his parents gave him that name as he can make anything work and I’m sure that would include airplanes! I have always commented on his amazing skills in running his farm along with his life and family.  Although there have been stressful times in regards to the economics in farming, he seems to have a way of ensuring success with his trade.

As I share this newsletter with you, Orville has been dealt a life threatening illness that he did not plan, research, focus on, or expect. My question is; “What would you do if you had to harvest a crop that you did NOT sow?”  My suggestion is that we should go to school on Orville.  My husband and I spent last weekend with my sister Ellie and Orville. The first thought that comes to my mind: “What an inspiration he is!” He has taken this challenge like no other, while being committed to doing what it takes in response to this life altering shock!

How would you handle a fastball in your life that you never saw coming? Do you wimp, whine and crawl into bed while throwing the covers over your head? Or do you stand tall and say; “What am I in control of?”  Granted, you may not have sown the crop of pain and unpleasantness that requires being harvested but the most single crucial ingredient in response is our attitude. Imitating Orville is my personal goal. This amazing man is giving us strength yet he is the one inflicted with the illness. His comment to me was, “Terri, everyone has to deal with things that come their way and this issue was given to me. I have to make sure that I can see how it can make me stronger.”  My response was, “Amen!”

The next time you’re dealt a challenge, do an “Orville!”

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