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By: Nutrition 4 Life  09-12-2011

What is Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)?

A colonic is a procedure whereby water is allowed to flow, under gentle pressure, into the colon (large intestine) in order to encourage the colon to cleanse harmful bacteria and toxic waste. Tubes are attached to a short stainless steel (or disposable if requested) speculum where water is allowed to flow in and out. The waste is discharged through a completely closed system, and viewed through plastic observation tubes.The colon is filled with water and emptied repeatedly, thereby promoting proper peristaltic action. Alternating the water temperature from warm to cool serves to increase the cleansing action and strengthens the muscular walls, which high salts and acids have weakened.You can expect your colonic to be a gentle and comfortable procedure. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. A series of colonics helps improve colon function and general all around health.Nutripathic Health Centre uses water that has been filtered and sterilized by an ultra violet light disinfection system.

What are the benefits of colonics?

  1. Cleanse the colon:
    They help eliminate the poisons of putrefaction from the colon and encourage the healthy bacteria to flourish again.
  2. Exercise the colon muscles:
    The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves the peristaltic activity. This will help normalize the transit time once the colon muscles have been strengthened and rejuvenated.
  3. Stimulate colon reflex points:
    As in reflexology, the colon has reflex points representing organs and bodily systems. A colonic gently stimulates these points. An iridology session will also show you which reflex areas in your bowel may potentially be affected.
  4. Hydrate the body:
    Increased water absorption of water through the colon will help hydrate cells, dilute and flush toxins through the kidneys.

Recommended steps in preparation for colonics

  • 1-2 days prior to your session, increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Drink plenty of pure water. Decrease or cut out all mucous-forming foods such as dairy products (milk, cheeses) and flour products (pasta, bread, muffins, crackers, etc.). Cutting out animal protein, alcohol, carbonated beverages, salt, and sugar will also benefit the colonic. (Note: A proper nutritional protocol can be discussed once your specific needs are assessed).
  • Supplementation such as herbal laxatives, psyllium husk powder, flax seed powder, etc. do not need to be taken prior to your first colonic. However, if you are already on a product that has been encouraging elimination for you, continue taking it until we can properly assess your needs. We have found that certain products will aggravate one’s condition, so it is best not to integrate something new into your system until we meet. Understanding your unique constitutional needs is necessary for effective results.
  • You may eat a light meal or nothing (if not hungry) approximately 2 hours prior to your session. If eating immediately after a colonic is necessary, eat lightly. Green leafy salads, vegetable soups, vegetable broths, fruit, or vegetable juices are good choices.
  • To better address your health concerns, we suggest you to first have the Health Appraisal Package done as a new client. This most valuable session will help you maximize the benefits of your colonics.

How will one feel during and after a colonic?

There are different sensations experienced from one person to another. Colonics are rarely painful. If there are cramping sensations, it is usually a result of tension, resistance, or gas. A professional colon hydrotherapist will be able to minimize the discomfort. A small number of people may feel fatigued while others will go back to their normal routine. Most clients actually enjoy the colonic and its accompanying sensation of feeling lighter, clean, and clear.If hungry, you may eat after a colonic. Green leafy salads, vegetable soups, vegetable broths, fruit, or vegetable juices are good choices.

Will one colonic completely empty the colon?

Almost never. Many people have a considerable amount of impacted material in their colon. Also, many are somewhat nervous or tense during the first colonic. Most clients notice a considerable difference on their second or third visit. They feel their abdominal muscles more relaxed and thus more material is released.

How many colonics are suggested?

The number of colonics required varies from one person to another. The planning for an effective protocol is determined on your first appointment, after assessing the client’s needs. On average, 3 colonic irrigations are suggested with approximately one week between sessions. Our goal at Nutripathic Health Centre is to address the causes of your health issues. We give you the necessary tools through proper nutritional advice, supplementation, and education based on your unique constitutional type. This way, you become empowered and responsible in rebuilding your health.

How do colonics differ from enemas?

Since an enema requires you to hold on to a greater amount of water, it prevents you from being able to relax the abdominal muscles. Enemas can only really empty the lower bowel area, approximately 8 – 12 inches.During a colonic, the client lies on his/her back with the knees slightly elevated. You do not need to hold on to the water and speculum, nor do you have to push the water through the tubing. All you do is relax as your colon hydrotherapist gently allows a small amount of water to enter and release. This technique is repeated throughout the 45-minute session with the use of abdominal pressure point and massage, breathing and relaxation suggestions, etc. The amount of toxic waste removed is far more than an enema.

Are colonics habit-forming?

We use colonics only as a tool to help create a clean and healthy colon, not to make you dependent on them. As colon hydrotherapists, we are dedicated to educate and encourage you to develop a lifestyle that will accomplish that goal.

Will colonics wash out the good intestinal flora?

Good bacteria can only breed in clean environment. Removing toxic waste from the colon will help increase the good bacteria as we rebuild a healthy “terrain” by addressing all the factors influencing intestinal imbalances. Valuable nutrients will become better absorbed in a clean environment.When a series of colonics are done, we recommend supplementing with a proper probiotics formula to help increase colonization of good bacteria as your internal environment is improving.

Should colonics be combined with any other modality?

We believe that colonics are a great adjunct to any herbal cleansing programs or fasting program. Whenever you do anything that increases the rate at which toxins enter the bloodstream (i.e. detoxifying herbs), it is essential that all your systems of elimination (bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs, etc.) be supported to function properly. This combination will also help prevent autointoxication.

What type of water treatment is used?

The water used for colonics at NHC first goes through a 3-part filtration process and ends by passing through a chamber with an ultra violet light system. The end result is pure, sterilized water.
  • Stage One - 5 Micron Sediment Filter: Removes dirt, sediments, sand, rust, and other physical particles.
  • Stage Two – 20 Micron Carbon Block: Reduces chemicals such as chlorine, that may be present in the water supply.
  • Stage Three - .5 Micron Carbon Block: Removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Further reduces organic chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, gasoline, etc.
  • Stage Four - Trojan Ultra Violet Light Disinfection System. Waterborne pathogenic organisms causing illness or contamination become non-existent. The Trojan UV system kills bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens by preventing them from reproducing, resulting in safe water usage. UV disinfection is a natural process that adds no chemicals to the water.

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