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By: Microsurvey  09-12-2011

What sets FieldGenius apart from the competition?

  • Code-free linework: Linework is created automatically without entering codes and is instantly displayed, eliminating the need for a separate sketch. No need to connect the dots back at the office.
  • Advanced display with high-def graphics and intuitive interface: FieldGenius is laid out with logical icons, customizable toolbars, smart objects and easy to use GPS and total station controls.
  • Works on more displays than ever: High-defintion, standard (or legacy) definition, widescreen, portrait, tablet-style - you name it.
  • Productivity tasks: Customize your data collector by assigning commands to your keypad keys.
  • Calculating tools: Access the built in RPN calculator from any edit field.
  • Hardware freedom of choice: FieldGenius works with many GPS receivers, unlike our competition where proprietary software must be used with the receiver (or visa versa). FieldGenius also works on a multitude of hand-held data collectors. We believe you shouldn't have to buy all new equipment just to upgrade one component.

The FieldGenius Advantage FieldGenius gives you a competitive advantage in the field. Some of our customers have reported up to a 30% reduction in the time it takes them to complete a job because of the advantages FieldGenius offers. When surveyors first look at FieldGenius their first reaction is "this is different." When they use it in the field, they quickly realize that this difference makes a difference. , RLS from Georgia, had to say about FieldGenius.

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PointCloud CAD 2010 is a high performance CAD, Surveying, and Point Cloud system.Built on the successful MicroSurvey CAD 2010 Premium platform, PointCloud CAD includes the same rendering engine that is used in products like 3DStudio, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and Microstation.


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Advanced Roading, Surfacing, Slope Staking, Code Free Linework, Smart Points, full Robotic and GPS support and Live Graphics make FieldGenius the choice of organizations that value productivity.Seismic Surveyor is the little brother of FieldGenius. Seismic Surveyor allows you to take shots, stake points, edit coordinates, stake lines - all at an incredible pace.OfficeSync is designed to change the way you work with your field survey crews.


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The Standard and Basic versions provide different feature levels to suit those who calculate and draft, or those who just need robust survey calculations with minimal drafting. MicroSurvey CAD is the design solution engineered especially for Surveyors. Premium includes COGO, DTM, and DESIGN functions - no plugins are required. Ultimate includes everything, including point cloud handling.


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Powered with Autodesk Technology™.Whichever path you choose, you get complete Survey Drafting, COGO, DTM, Traversing, Volumes, Contouring and Data Collection interfacing. MicroSurvey Desktop Solutions are compatible with field data from all major total stations and data collectors. You can run on the included IntelliCAD 6.6 engine or run on the latest versions of AutoCAD®.