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By: Vivodepot  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainability Solution

vivo's primary goal is to provide accessibility and affordability to green building for the purpose of encouraging and effecting wider adoption of the greenbuilding technologies, processes and products which result in high performance, eco-efficient buildings and a more sustainable built environment. 

vivo is an independent sales agent for a number of complementary sustainability solution products and technologies.  vivodepot focuses on eco-efficient solutions and sustainability strategies focused on energy and water use.

Energy use in buildings is the most significant single producer of greenhouse gas emissions, the greatest contributor to climate change.

  1. Reduce your use - identify methods to reduce your overall energy use - these can be behavioural or technological
  2. Replace your source - assess where renewable energy can be used to displace fuel or electric
  3. Maintain your systems - have equipment installed by a professional, commissioned to its optimum operating potential, periodically tested and maintained to ensure ongoing optimization.
  4. Monitor your savings - keep your eye on the triple bottom line to keep improving your consumption and efficiency.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainability Solution

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