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By: Victoria Pilates  09-12-2011
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December 1, 2011 ···

With the holidays coming up, this is a great time to learn about creating a Pilates mat program to do at home or while traveling! Check out this great workshop on Saturday, December 10!

November 29, 2011 ···

Please remember to stop in and see Krista in the office between November 28th and December 3rd to confirm your spots for the new session.

November 25, 2011 ···

Share your love for Pilates by giving it for Christmas! Check with Krista about the options available at the studio to help you get ready for the holidays!

November 17, 2011 ···

On Saturday, December 3rd, join Susan for this great workshop to learn all about your feet!

November 10, 2011 ···

FITCamp is an outdoor circuit class, but it doesn’t have much else in common with Bootcamps! Your first class is free, so if you’ve been looking for a new workout with a great group, contact us to get started!

November 8, 2011 ···

Sign up for Nicole’s Hip & Knee Workshop on Saturday, November 19 to learn about how your hips and knees affect all areas of your movement!

September 28, 2011 ···

Pilates has given me not just physical strength, but also emotional. It has been constant in my life…

September 28, 2011 ···

Over the last few years it has become apparent to me that menopausal women need a specific program that includes strength training, cardiovascular workouts and most importantly stretching and

September 27, 2011 ···

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September 20, 2011 ···

Playing golf does not condition you for golf! Think about how many times you perform non golf-related movements during a game. Join Susan as she shows you how to train for the functional movements of golf in her 6 week Pilates for Golf program.

Keywords: Pilates