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By: Vic Davies  09-12-2011
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Vic Davies Architect (2003) Ltd. is a full service architectural practice, based on the west coast of Canada in Victoria, British Columbia, and works throughout the world. VDA is the ideal team player and is able to assist and advise the other selected consultants on all aspects of current trends, developments, and technology in modern state-of-the-art building design and construction .

Services offered by VDA include:

Feasibility Studies

Prior to the start of a major project, it is essential that there be an understanding of the goals and objectives for that project. Realistic budgets and timelines must be set, consultation and input gained from end users, and a concept plan prepared. This can best be achieved with the preparation of a detailed feasibility study. VDA is uniquely positioned and qualified to undertake and achieve these studies with the highest level of competence and efficiency. We have a practical and knowledgeable approach to design and undertake our projects with the utmost integrity and flexibility. Maintaining a high level of trust and open communication with the client is a key factor in the successful completion of a feasibility study.


A masterplan is the first step in the beginning of a ‘sketch outline’ of what a facility or development could be. Prior to any architectural design being prepared for a project, the masterplanning process is undertaken. The client team would be involved every step of the way with the consultant team in design charette sessions and team discussions during the early part of the masterplanning process. This would then be refined into a preferred option and developed accordingly into the completed product.

Design Development

The VDA design philosophy is very simple, they work well with the client's “team” and are good listeners; the result… facilities that are economic, popular and successful, yet not overstated. By working with the client in intensive design sessions with everybody contributing, the design development would be brought to a stage where everybody could stand back and say – OK, this is what we want. To ensure that the design will be within the proposed budget envelope, budget information is input throughout the process as the project evolves.

Interior Design

VDA knows that their projects are not meant to be monuments to themselves, that the exterior façade, while important, is just a shell enclosing the living/working spaces within. For recreation or community centres, ‘theming’ has been successfully introduced and has opened up a new dynamic form of expression within the facility. Other projects, such as the interior design and layout of seniors care facilities and schools, require an empathy and understanding of the special needs presented by their users. VDA has a unique ability to create within their projects an environment that meets the needs of their users and pleases the client/owner in the process.

Construction Documents

Upon receiving approval of the final design development work, a complete set of working drawings is prepared. Regular meetings will keep the client abreast of the progress of drawings as they evolve, ensuring the client continued input. Cost reviews are held regularly to ensure that the budget for the project is respected and financial concerns are met. Coordination meetings among consultants are carried out at regular intervals to ensure that all of the drawings are properly coordinated for construction purposes. Final contract documents are provided prior to tendering the project.


VDA prepares written specifications that will accompany the construction documents and be used not only to tender the project, but also in the construction of the project. Specifications are customized to meet the specialized requirements of each project and use current industry standards. The VDA spec writers are continually updating their knowledge base to reflect changes in the industry.

Contract Administration Practice and Materials.

Construction review/contract administration services are provided for VDA projects. Site meetings are attended at regular intervals to review the progress of each project, to provide on-site observation, and to assist with coordination. All necessary construction administration documents are provided by VDA.

Keywords: Architect

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