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Required Reading for Anyone Considering an IMRS 2000 or ANY Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device…

“Discover Why the IMRS 2000 Designo Is – Hands Down – the #1 Choice in Pulsed Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy”

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Get Energized and Look & Feel Younger!

Feel and Look Younger in Just 8 Minutes, Twice Daily with the MRS 2000 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy ( PEMF Therapy or PEMFT ). MRS stands for Magnetic Resonance Stimulation which is a modality of energy medicine that uses low-intensity & low earth based frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF.

The MRS 2000+ Designo uses pulsed magnetic fields, just like those naturally occurring on Earth, to “recharge” your 70 trillion cells. Think of the MRS2000 as a whole body battery recharger.

How would you like to live life with more energy, better sleep and with no pain? Well this advanced technology is used by the U.S. and Russian space programs, 4000 professional athletes & Olympians and over 400,000 people worldwide making the MRS 2000 the most widely used and trusted Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System in the world.

Here are a Few Reasons the MRS 2000 is the #1 Choice in PEMF

  • The MRS 2000 is the ONLY Device to Use Earth Based Frequencies (.5-25 Hz)
  • The MRS 2000 Designo Also uses Magnetic Flux Intensities that are in Alignment with the Earth (.09 – 70 uT)
  • The MRS 2000+ Uses a Sawtooth Waveform on the Full Body Mat
  • The Mediconsult MRS 2000 is the ONLY Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Machine that Uses NASA Inspired Square Wave Signals.
  • Also the MRS 2000 Mat is the Only Magnetic Pulse Therapy device on the Market That Has a Biorhythm Clock Which Gives the User Energizing Frequencies in the Morning and Relaxing Frequencies at Night.
  • The MRS2000 has Very Low Intensity Settings that Help for People that Are Chemically Sensitive.
  • The MRS 2000 Mat also Has Graduated Intensitiers from Head to Feet (Which Duplicated Nature – Weaker at the Head – Stronger at the Feet).
  • The MRS Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System is the Only Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Device to Offer a Light and Sound Machine that is Synchronized to the Mat.
  • The MRS also has an Industry Leading 3 Year Rock Solid Warranty and With German Engineering it Is Built to Last.
  • The MRS 2000 Offers a Soft Comfortable Mat
  • Finally We Give You Unlimited Expert Support to Ensure You Get Results.

Benefits of Using the MRS 2000

  • Feel More Energy
  • Experience Deep Relaxing Sleep (and Wake Up Refreshed)
  • Helps with Stress Management and Relaxatio
  • May Help to Alleviate Pain and Inflammation
  • Improves Circulation
  • The MRS 2000+ designo is Great for Strong Bones
  • The MRS 2000 is the Ultimate in Prevention and Health Maintenance (Keeps You Healthy and Pain Free!)
  • Finally, You can Feel Younger and More Energetic in ONLY 8 Minutes 2x a Day!

10 Minute Video Overview:
“PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health”
(And Why the MRS 2000 is the “Natural Choice in PEMF Therapy)

Written Transcript of the Above Video “PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health”
(For Those That Like To Read)

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields

Pulsed electro-magnetic fields are an essential element of health. This is why we are calling it “the 5th element of health.” Most people are familiar with food, water and oxygen being essential. Sleep is also essential.

We now know that there is a fifth element that is equally, if not more important, then some of those others. In fact you can live longer without food and water then you can without the pulsed electro-magnetic fields of the earth. The good news is there are devices now available that actually simulate the earth-based frequencies and can actually charge up all 70 trillion of your cells. This is why we call PEMF a “whole body battery charger.”

The Energetic Universe

Quantum Mechanics predicts that each cubic centimeter of space has at least 10^52 ergs or energy, which is more then a trillion-trillion nuclear explosions, or a one followed by twenty-four zeros. (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) An amount of energy like that can drive our galaxy, and its one hundred-billion stars, for a million years! There is that much energy in every little cubic centimeter. The solar wind is a relentless storm of energy emitted from the sun that races through space at fast and wildly fluctuating speeds of 200-700 km/second. This is actually what creates the Aurora Borealis or “Northern Lights.” The Dynamo Theory explains that the magnetic field of the earth is dynamic and changing, not static, and these pulsing flows of energy create an enormous pulsing electro-magnetic field throughout space. Modern cosmology-models predict our visible universe is only 4% of the total energy of the universe.

Here on earth, we are in the relentless storm of energy emitted from the sun, lightening strikes, and up to one million lightening flashes per day with roughly 400,000 thunder storms. This creates Schumann waves, a fundamental earth-based pulsed electro-magnetic field of 7.83 Hz.

“The sole governing agency of the particle is the field”
-Albert Einstein

The Body Electric

The human body is primarily an energy, or electrical being, and is secondarily chemical. Conventional and alternative medicine proves this. The ancients called this energy “Qi,” “Chi,” and “Prana.” Acupuncture and much of the ancient Eastern Chinese and Japanese therapies are based on an understanding of the energy fields of the body. The Indian system of the chakras and the naidis also understand this idea.

Modern terms for this energy include “Life-force,” “Aura,” “L-field,” “SOEF,” “Biophotonics,” “Orgone,” “The Body Electric” and “Corona Discharge” (St. Elmos Fire) Here in the west it is becoming overwhelmingly evident, thanks to modern technology, that yes, we are energetic. Conventional MRI’s, cat scans, EEG’s EKG’s EMG’s NCV’s and other new technologies are showing us that we are primarily energetic.

As far back as 2750 BC electric eels were used by Egyptians to treat headaches and various mental illness. Reportedly Cleopatra slept on and wore a lodestone to kept her skin youthful, and magnets have long been used in China with the ancient art of acupuncture. The ancient Greeks understood this and Plato and Aristotle wrote extensively that many things can not be identified with, or explained in terms of, [the] physical body.

Today, “Energy Medicine” is a new field of alternative medicine that uses energy instead of chemistry to heal, these include the following: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields, RIFE machines, Radionnics, Zappers, Scenars, Cold Lasers, Infrared Therapy, Ionic Footbaths, Biofeedback defices, Multiwave Oscillators, Gas Plasma, Scalar Energy Devices, Activated Air, Whole Body Vibration and more.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields –The 5th Element discovered

The Russians won the space race with Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight around the earth, however he came back in bad shape. When he arrived back on earth he had depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration (had to be carried out on a stretcher) decreased metabolism, and impaired perception. He was only away from the earths pulsed-magnetic fields for a one hour, 48 minute flight around the earth!

“Life is driven by nothing else but electrons.”
-Albert von Szent Gyorgyi (Nobel prize winner)

Since that historic flight, “Zero Field Studies” (experiments done in chambers made of Mu Steel which blocks all magnetic fields of the earth) have confirmed that if living cells do not receive the pulsed magnetic fields of the earth they die within hours. We now use pulsed-magnetic generators in every space suit and in every space station because we have to! It is an essential element.

Earth-based PEMF’s are required elements of health. You can live longer without food, water and sleep then you can live without pulsating electro-magnetic fields. Yuri Gagarin’s historic 108 minute trip was the first evidence that PEMF’s are critical for life, without them we die, and with not enough we get SICK!

The Earth’s Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields

The Schumann Frequency is produced by lightening strikes and solar flares that “ring” the earth Ionosphere to the tune of 7.83HZ and its higher harmonics which are 14.2, 20.8 and 27.3. This is a very important frequency. The second essential frequency on the earth is the frequency of the earth’s magnetic field it’s self, and that is found to be roughly 11.75 or 11.79 (varying from the equator versus the poles) with higher harmonic of 16.67 23.58 etc.

There is a lot of validation that the human body needs these frequencies: in NASA they use 7.83 Schumann resonators. Adey & Bowin discovered a “biological window” of frequencies the human cells respond to and they correlate almost perfectly to the earth based frequencies of 3-25Hz.

Dr. John Zimmerman studied hands-on healers with advanced SQUID technology and learned that they emitted frequencies from their hands roughly .3-30hz with a peak at 7.8 Hz!

O’Keefe and Nadel showed that the hippocampus of the brain is tuned to about 7.8Hz. There is a lot of confirmation in the brain state frequencies too: from low delta to high beta are in 0-30 Hz.

Why don’t we get heart cancer?

Why don’t we get heart cancer? One interesting theory is the heart is the most electrical organ. Heart cells have a voltage of 120mV and in some cases slightly higher. This is almost twice the voltage of some of the other cells in the average person. PEMF acts as a whole-body battery charger by recharging EACH of the 70 trillions cells in the body. Though we can not charge the cells as high as the heart, we can raise the voltage of the cells in our body up 70, 110mV in the case of high-end athletes. In most people you can get 70-90mV.

PEMF acts like a spark, ignition, or impulse that keeps the cells charged at an ideal voltage. Just like a car, the human body needs fuel, oxygen and ignition – a spark-plug. Within the human body that spark is pulsed magnetic fields. All metabolic processes are driven by this cellular charge: ATP production, oxygen and nutrient absorption, waste removal, defense and reproduction.

A sick cell looses energy and there is not enough ATP. The voltage of the cell drops down to 40-50mV. People who are sick can have voltages as low as 20mV in the case of cancer. Cancer cells only have a voltage of 20mV and are in fermentation and need ten times more energy from the environment.

PEMF builds up energy within the cells, oxygenates the cells, alkalizes the cells, improves the cells and improves circulation so nutrients, oxygen etc goes in and the waste is processed out.

The Two-Fold Problem

While we can always go outside and lay on the earth to get these frequencies, over the past 300 years the earths magnetic field has declined 50%. Many theorize that we are in the process of a pole shift over the next couple thousand years.

Another problem is the average person stays inside 90% of the day. On top of that, we live and work in concrete structures; we drive in metal cars, and wear rubber soles as we walk on concrete. There are some Japanese researchers that call Fibromyalgia “Magnetic Defeciency Syndrome.” We also get too much of the unhealthy PMF’s “electro smog”; power lines, computers, cell phones, digital clocks, microwaves, tv’s, and hair dryers cause a “sub-molecular electronic disturbance.” This phrase was coined by a former Nobel prize winner to describe these unhealthy energies that bombard us on a daily basis.

The Solution

The solution is earth-based PEMF devices. The MRS 2000 is the only PMF device that actually duplicates nature -both in intensity and frequency. It does this with a saw-tooth waveform which delivers bunches of the frequencies from 0-30Hz simultaneously. In eight minutes twice per day all the bodies trillions of cells will be fully recharged and oxygenated. With a total of just sixteen minutes per day, the MRS 2000 full-body matt gives the human body the energetic equivalent of walking barefoot in nature for 2-4 hours!

The applicator pad and probe use a square wave that help to break-up cycles of pain and allow the body to perform its own healing work. Additionally the MRS2000 is the only device that utilizes a biorhythm clock to ensure the body receives energizing frequencies in the early part of the day, and relaxing frequencies in the evening.

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