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By: Thinklab Consulting  09-12-2011

Thinklab Consulting assists clients in four broad service categories.

Strategic Management

Strategic management is a expansive term that encompasses a wide range of management functions.  At its core, strategic management involves the traditional planning functions of identifying mission, vision and objectives and developing actionable plans to achieve these objectives.  In practice, strategic management commonly centres on developing and executing a strategic plan in regards to a specific management issue such as succession, risk, communications or change.

Thinklab Consulting assists clients with a wide range of strategic management projects from comprehensive strategic planning to single issue focused projects.


Corporate communications in the modern economy is about more than just marketing and public relations.  Organizations operating in complex environments must ensure that they adopt a strategic approach to communications that includes careful consideration of government relations, public perception and stakeholder interests.

Thinklab Consulting excels at integrating strategic considerations into the planning, development and long-term execution of a comprehensive communications strategy.

Project Management

Project Management is another broad term that describes a range of management activities employed to achieve a specific short-term objective.  The practice of project management includes a specialized set of skills centered on the planning, organizing and management of resources to support the achievement of defined deliverables.  In practice, project management occurs when an organization wishes to achieve a defined goal such as the integration of a new system, or the launch of a specific initiative.

Thinklab Consulting employs the latest project management knowledge and techniques to ensure that client projects are executed on time and within budget.


Information overload is a common problem in many organizations today while management struggles to ensure that the right information is delivered through the proper channels.  As such ensuring that an organization delivers engaging and accurate professional development education is more important than ever.

Thinklab Consulting has earned a reputation of excellence for the development and delivery of educational content in complex subject matter areas.