By: Supercoolers  09-12-2011
Keywords: Water Filtration, filtration system, Water Filtration System


Everyone should drink more water, but tap water tends to be over-chlorinated. Recent studies have shown a possible link between chlorine and cancer.

If you purchase an ordinary cooler it can become expensive to keep buying replacement bottles, not to mention the problems of lifting and storing them!

What's the Solution?

We've combined the technology of the world's #1 Water Filtration System (Everpure) with a stand-alone cooler. A SUPERCOOLER with its own built-in filtration system!


You have SUPERCOOLERS - the low cost alternative to bottled water. Superior drinking water for pennies a day!!

Bottleless Water Cooler:

The Quantum 1000 Drinking Water System is installed inside the water cooler, providing safe, great tasting water without the inconveniences of a bottle.

The Quantum 1000 is an absolute ½ micron filter (1/50,000 inch), removing up to 99.9% of all particles like dirt, rust, asbestos fibers, harmful cysts such as Giardia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium, as well as lead, chlorine and other offensive tastes and odors like algae.

The Benefits:

-       No bottles to store

-       No bottles to lift

-       Never run out of water

-       Guaranteed quality water

-       Save money

Keywords: filtration system, Water Filtration, Water Filtration System