Spring & Summer '09 | Sitka

By: Sitka Surfboards  09-12-2011

True urges and impulses are repressed into one's subconscious by one's superego and the walls and constructs of everyday life. Dreaming eliminates these constraints and allows genuine desires to flourish and one's true self to run free, naked as a jay bird, through the long grass of lucidity. The following book studies dreaming habits of four individuals..

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Fall 2011 | Sitka

Wrapped in premium fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton, your warmth can radiate from the outside, allowing your inside to meditate on the natural landscapes we so often forget. Sitka's Fall 2011 'Found in the Woods' Collection will take you off the street you're shopping on and into the woods to find yourself running with the wolves. Let yourself get lost in the woods so you can be found again.


Spring 2011 | Sitka

Designed and tested by surfers and beach-chillers alike, you’d think Sitka had been in swimwear market for as long as the hoodie market. Some key pieces in this collection, and every collection for that matter, are the 2nd Peak and Suzie Q Hoodies. One can get lost in the day to day drill of the nine to five, which takes it’s toll on the mind and spirit.