By: Shotbolt Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: information management, service providers, client management

Our Total Client Management System product focuses on client information management and process automation.  This product assist front-desk staff, service providers and administrators in capturing, processing and reporting on appropriate types of client information.  The Client Management System also assists Service Providers in their treatment work by automating scoring sheets, sending reminders and presenting client data in a meaningful way for clinical decision making.  This ensures that the System's main users are also its main stakeholders, increasing usefulness and data accuracy (compliance with the system).  The System automates all client information gathering and processing activities performed by front desk staff and service providers.  It also automates work requests, administrative and client specific report generation. 

Shotbolt Consulting as created a number of fully customized Total Client Management Systems.  We focus exclusively on community health organizations.  Our systems assist organizations as divers as alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to adult day care services.  In all cases we applied the basic principles of normalized data management to complex and interconnected business process.  Our Total Client Management System integrates your data/information needs with your business process, creating a customized and efficient systems that will save you hours of work in records management, data tabulation and reporting and help you provide better health services.

Keywords: client management, information management, Management System Product, service providers,