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By: Saanich Parks  09-12-2011

Current Projects

Approximately 1.8 km of wood stave storm drain mains and 1.7 km of asbestos cement sanitary sewer mains is currently being replaced by cast-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining.  This is a trenchless construction method that involves using compressed air to “blow” and expand a resin filled felt liner into an existing aged pipe. Once the liner is fitted into the existing pipe, steam or hot water is introduced to “cook” the resin. The physical property of the liquid resin changes to a hard plastic once successfully “cooked”, forming a new pipe inside the old pipe.  The CIPP lining will take place in eleven project areas:

  1. Alpine Crescent
  2. Stockton Crescent
  3. Service/Frechette Streets
  4. Burns Avenue
  5. Nigel Avenue
  6. Midgard Avenue / Mortimer Street
  7. Scotia Street
  8. Bethune Avenue
  9. Cloverdale Avenue
  10. Boleskine Street
  11. Maplewood Road

Project Manager: Sean Elliott

On July 4, 2011 the District of Saanich will commence construction on the west side of Admirals Road between Westing Road and Arundel Drive with the installation of concrete sidewalks, bikelanes and new asphalt pavement. In addition, there will be a marked crosswalk, pedestrian controlled flashing beacons, median and left-turn vehicle lane at Cowper Street.  It is anticipated that this project will be completed during the month of September.

Project Manager: Daryl Yuen

This summer the District of Saanich will commence upgrading Burnside Road between Grange Road and McKenzie Avenue.  Proposed improvements will include the installation of concrete curbs, sidewalks and bikelanes on the north side of Burnside Road between Grange Road and Marigold Avenue, and on both sides of Burnside Road between Marigold Avenue and McKenzie Avenue.  Also, there will be new asphalt pavement in this section of Burnside Road.  It is anticipated that this project will be completed during the fall months.

Please refer to the attached plans for additional information.

Project Manager: Daryl Yuen

Sidewalk and road work on Dysart Road, between Cowper Street and Obed Avenue, will require a temporary detour of the No. 11 - BC Transit Bus Route.

For more information, please contact Troy McKay at Saanich Engineering, 250-475-5494, extension 3450.

Project Manager: Troy McKay

Project Manager: Brad Orminston

Project Manager: Jamie Rose

The pedestrian network within the Strawberry Vale Neighbourhood has evolved over time to include sidewalks connecting Wilkinson to Strawberry Vale School and Rosedale Park, however, connectivity to Hastings has been limited. To complete the connection, sidewalks will be constructed on Santa Anita Avenue. This residential street is heavily landscaped on both sides with large established trees on the west side. Both sides of the street were considered for sidewalk, the sidewalk on the west side would require the removal of at least four established trees. The choice which side of the street the sidewalk should be on was presented to area residents. The community indicated that the preference would be to not remove trees and have the sidewalk on the east side of the street. In addition to the sidewalk, a parking area will be constructed adjacent to Rosedale Park to address parking congestion on Santa Anita.

Project Manager: Jamie Rose

The Design and Tender process for the Tattersal Drive Upgrade project is now complete and the Contractor has been selected.  The anticipated schedule for construction is from July 2011 to November 2011.  In order to complete this project safely and efficiently, it will be necessary to close Tattersall Drive between Calumet Avenue and Savannah Avenue to all vehicle traffic for July and August.  During the full closure, access for residents, emergency services, pedestrians, and cyclists will be accommodated through the construction site.  Following the full closure, Tattersall Drive will be open to alternating one way traffic.

Project Manager: Jamie Rose

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District of Saanich, Victoria BC - Municipal Services - Roads and Transportation - Current Projects

Admirals Road connects the municipalities of the District of Saanich, the Town of View Royal and the Township of Esquimalt and crosses the Gorge Waterway on the Craigflower Bridge. The District of Saanich and The Town of View Royal are pleased to invite you to attend our first public open house for the Admirals Road Corridor Improvement project. We anticipate the start of construction in mid 2012.


District of Saanich, Victoria BC - Municipal Services - Garbage/Refuse Services - gardenwaste

Accepted garden waste includes grass clippings, prunings, plants and branches no larger than 2m in length and 5cm in diameter. We do not accept soil, sod, ashes, rocks, tree root balls, animal waste or wood waste. We are closed on Sundays and all civic holidays.


District of Saanich, Victoria BC - Municipal Services

The District?s map service encompasses over 50 layers of information of varying themes including terrain, land, transportation, parks, planning, environment, and engineering. The GIS Section at the District of Saanich is continually adding and improving spatial information and enabling increased and better access to public information.


District of Saanich, Victoria BC - Municipal Services - Garbage/Refuse Services - leaf

Leaves must be clear of open ditches, catch basins, sidewalks, bike lanes and roadways. Many factors determine the progress in each area please note dates are approximate. LEAVES ONLY no branches, needles, storm debris or garden waste will be collected. Leaves must be adjacent (1 METRE MAXIMUM) from road in rows or piles.