Bowen Therapy

By: Rejeneration  20-03-2013
Keywords: Pain Relief, neck pain, natural medicine

The Bowen Technique is a form of soft tissue manipulation created by Thomas A. Bowen (1916-1982) of Geelong, Victoria in Australia. Each treatment consists of sets of soft tissue manipulations on muscle, nerves and tendons, interspersed by short pauses that allow the body to integrate the effects.

Bowen Therapy’s gentle resetting of the physical body encourages the brain to integrate itself according to its own blueprint. As a practitioner we provide an environment in which the body can initiate this healing process. The Bowen Therapy ‘moves’ stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and the proprioceptors, sending off information through the central nervous system to the brain.

The spindle cells and Golgi tendon bodies reset the muscle’s resting tension level. The surrounding fascia becomes more fluid, allowing greater movement of blood and lymph through the tissue enhancing nutrition to, and waste removal from, the site.

With the release of toxins and old patterning, the moves begin to accomplish holistic balance almost immediately. Since Bowen addresses the body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms it embraces the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each individual that receives Bowen.

Bowen Therapy is a complimentary modality which means that it will enhance and complement, not interfere with other forms of medical intervention and therapeutics.

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