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By:  09-12-2011
Keywords: Weight Loss, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Behavioural Therapy

Why Group?
While help is certainly available on an individual basis, there are some compelling reasons to consider a group.

  • Learn from others.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie.
  • Know that others share your struggle.
  • Commit yourself to change by your attendance.
  • Save roughly two thirds the cost of one-on-one.

These programs are affordable, falling within the limits of most extended health plans.

The group facilitator, psychologist Dr. John Cook, is a recognized leader in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and is the principal of Aegis Psychological Services.

Groups at Aegis
Groups are made up of 5 to 9 adults, and youth over the age of 13. They meet in the evening at the Aegis office for eight to twelve, 2-hour weekly sessions. New clients will be asked to attend a pre-group interview. View and print fliers for the or the , in PDF format, using .

Overcoming Social Fears
Are assertiveness problems and excessive self-consciousness or shyness holding you back? Do you have difficulties performing in public? Learn to function better in the social situations you presently fear or avoid, through group cognitive behavioural therapy.

Living Free from Panic
Bothered by intense fear or discomfort that seems to come from out of the blue? Learn about becoming less physically tense, breaking your cycle of fear and confronting situations you avoid.

Managing Worry
Continually worried or apprehensive? Feeling keyed up, on edge and easily annoyed? Learn how to be less physically tense, break out of the cycle of worry and take charge.

Programs are offered Monday or Tuesday nights from 7 to 9, three times a year:  New Year, Spring, and Fall.


The 12-session anxiety groups are $960 and the 8-session weight loss group is $640. These amounts are payable in advance, and do not include the cost of a manual.

How to Enroll
These programs are available for immediate enrollment, and will be offered when once 5 or more people sign up. If you have an interest in any of these groups, call 881-1206 immediately to have your name added to the wait list. If you need more immediate help in the meantime, consider seeing Dr. Cook for individual CBT.

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Keywords: Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Weight Loss

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Fees for Psychological Services at Aegis

Other billable services are also pro-rated on the hourly rate and include, but are not necessarily limited to, letter writing, filling in insurance forms, and telephone calls longer than 10 minutes. Clients are asked to give 24 hours notice when they are unable to attend sessions, in order to have the fee for that session forgiven.


One-on-One Treatment at Aegis

Exceptions can occur if you are differently abled and require communication assistance, or simply need the reassurance of being accompanied by a friend or family member. There are also times when other people can be helpful by doing therapy with you or by giving information on your behalf. One-on-one typically means the client meeting individually with the psychologist for psychotherapy.


One-on-one, Group Therapy and Couples Counselling Services at Aegis

These activities usually take place at the end of a session, but may also occur at the beginning, delaying the start of a session for up to 10 minutes. This allows the therapist time to make notes in your file or to make telephone calls on your behalf. Therapy sessions vary in length according to the number of people participating.


Aegis Self-help CDs, Motivational Aids and SAD Lamps

The SAD lamps proved so popular that they are now being made available to the larger community, along with relaxation audio recordings, and electronic motivational aids. In the beginning these tools were for the exclusive use of Aegis clients. The main instrument of healing at Aegis is your therapist. Other therapeutic tools are sometimes helpful.