Pink Moon

By: Pink Moon  09-12-2011

From acupuncture to feng shui, Asian sciences and philosophy are increasingly recognized and re-interpreted within our Western context of modern living. All energy medicines focus on restoring and maintaining a correct balance of vital energy within the body to achieve a greater measure of health and wellness. Since external beauty is a reflection of internal wellness, through balancing the body's natural energies, we can positively affect the way people look and feel.Phytobiodermie is the first to combine light-therapy and lymphatic drainage with the principles of Asian energy theory within the context of the aesthetics industry. It offers a comprehensive system of method, products and equipment based on the 5 Element Theory. Each Element is descriptive of seasonal and individual human energy patterns. Skin conditions and body shapes also follow the 5 Element Theory. For each there are products and protocols.

Phytobiodermie has designed a unique method that incorporates the time proven principles of traditional  Chinese medicine with natural skincare products from Switzerland and the science of monochromatic light treatment (Chromotherapy).

Phytobiodermie treatments are conceived to restore and maintain the body’s optimal holistic balance of energy.  Phytobiodermie is the originator of the application of chromotherapy to the field of aesthetics and beauty.

Phytobiodermie is first and foremost a revolutionary method of looking at beauty and wellness. It aspires to anticipate, for each individual, the likely direction of the aging process and to help prevent its early aesthetic manifestations, as well as slowing down any established pattern.

Phytobiodermie has always been at the forefront of knowledge with its full line of face and body products that yield exceptional results. We continue our innovations with state-of-the-art equipment, also based on energy principles, to further enhance our scientific expertise and to maintain our position as leaders and innovators.