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By: Peak Solutions  09-12-2011
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Financial Software Implementation
Implementation of a Business Management Application requires proper planning and control. Allowing the implementation to adversely impact a company's operation can be very costly.

Therefore, it is critical that adequate emphasis be given to planning and control of an installation. Effective training and support will ensure that the staff selected to operate the new solution are properly prepared and assisted in the transition.

Our Approach

In order to help a business achieve success with their implementation, empower uses best practice methodology that helps to ensure successful implementations. By following a structured eight step plan, your business can complete the startup of your new Business Management Application in the most cost effective manner.

Phase 1 — Planning Your Success

Needs Assessment
The consultant assigned to your project will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business and it's operations. They will determine the skills of your team members involved in the training. With this information, the Consultant will develop your implementation and training plans and will customize the profile of your software system to meet the needs of your business.

Project Management and Planning
Project Management ensures that all milestones are met, risks are identified and managed, integration and communication are ensured, resources are optimized, and project scope is controlled.
Our implementation plan is developed to outline the responsibilities and role of all individuals involved in the project. This plays a major part in the project's success.

Network System Review
It is extremely important that we determine if your current network environment is capable of delivering a stable and robust Business Management Application.

Phase 2 — System Implementatoin

Software Installation & Configuration
We will install the accounting software on your network, configure the database environment, and will customize each module's profile based upon the information gathered during the Needs Assessment. Custom forms and reports will be developed for your system as required.

Data Conversion or Migration
With the expertise of our system engineer, we will transfer the data from your existing system into your new system to quick start your system implementation.

Implementation and Training
Each training session is dual purpose. First, our consultant will instruct each person on the functions of the software by demonstrating master file administration, daily and periodic procedures, inquiry features and management reporting capabilities. Each trainee will be required to perform and practice each of these tasks. The second purpose of each training session is to aid your team in the implementation of their system.

Phase 3 — GO LIVE

Periodic System Review
Our consultant will visit your site and review specific areas or checkpoints of the system to ensure that the integrity is maintained.

Post Implementation Support
To assist you in the successful maintenance of your financial system, empower provides its clients with the a toll-free Help Desk to manage all technical support requests.

Keywords: Accounting Software, Business Management