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By: Patwell Consulting  09-12-2011
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Patwell Consulting > Services > Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Coaching entails a behaviour transformation, not just a transfer of knowledge. Patwell Consulting designs coaching programs that transform capable managers and executives into high performing leaders. Often these executives possess superior technical skills, but need to develop new competencies to direct teams and achieve personal and organizational goals. We help long standing employees break habits and understand when old behaviours do not support new strategies or business conditions.

Coaching Entails a Behavior Transformation Rather Than Just a Transfer of Knowledge.

  • Program Termination
  • Research & Development
    • Provide information pertinent to client needs
  • On-Site Observation
    • Provide opportunity to observe competencies and learning opportunities
  • Work-out Sessions
    • Provide ongoing reflection, discussion and evaluation
  • Learning Events
    • Structured, customized learning events develop competencies to achieve personal and organizational goals
  • Visioning Session
    • Articulate learning goals and develop a learning plan for the coaching program
  • Orientation Phase
    • Explore openness to learning, develop self awareness, identify strengths and opportunities
  • Assessment Phase
    • Understand organizational culture and influencing factors

The results are leaders who are adaptable, reflective, collaborative, structured, purposeful and most importantly, able to coach others to achieve business and personal leadership objectives.

Keywords: Capable Managers, Coaching, Coaching Programs, leadership,

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Most of us use speedometers in our daily lives, in our cars and on our treadmills, relying on them for information that helps us attain, maintain and or adjust our speed to achieve our desired performance. The coaching process begins with understanding your own Use-of-Self as a coach and learning how to be more intentional with your choices to obtain the impact that you need and desire.


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Patwell Consulting founder and president, Beverley Patwell, designs, leads and participates in many development programs in the areas of coaching and leading change. Beverley is a fellow member of AU/NTL and the host country faculty coordinator of a 10-day module held in Montréal, Québec and Ottawa, Ontario. AU/NTL trains graduates to serve as internal and external organization development and change practitioners and OD-capable managers.


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We help to clarify strategic goals and ensure an organization’s structure, processes, communications, core competencies, leadership styles and culture are aligned to support the direction. Staying up-to-date with the technical side of business is manageable, leading and leveraging the people side of change is always more challenging.