Casting Chart

By: Paragon Orthotic  09-12-2011

Note the relative positions of the bones of the foot:
Neutral position of the subtalar joint occurs when it is neither supinated nor pronated. When the foot is pronated, the head of the talus tends to adduct, and protrude medially behind the navicular. When the foot is supinated, the head of the talus tends to protrude laterally. When the head of the talus is not palpable on the lateral or medial side, the subtalar joint is considered to be neutral.

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This guarantee will not apply to devices which have been purposefully damaged, grossly altered or which have been subjected to extreme or unusual treatment and is contingent upon receipt of neutral position plaster casts in good condition.


Diabetic Arthritic Orthotic

PATIENT SELECTION For patients with concerns for skin breakdown, arthritic changes in their feet, diabetic conditions, reducing shearing forces at the foot surfaces and those who need the added comfort from the self molding process of P-Cell. Diffuse callosities, insensate feet, metatarsalgia, pre-ulcerated sites, bunions, Charcot foot, plantar fasciitis, some foot deformities, Morton?s neuralgia and the need for forefoot accommodation.


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Digital orthosis made specifically to increase the hinge action of the metatarsal - phalangeal joint, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of functional foot orthosis if there is a digital deformity. The DOC (Digital Orthosis Compound) enables the practitioner to offer alternative solutions for digital deformities other than surgical.