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One Wave Tickets - Adults 19 + Only

Concert and DJ event with local performers Saturday August 21st at the Victoria Event Centre at 1415 Broad St. Victoria, BC Doors at 8 pm, show at 9 pm. No minors

For more information call 250-381-4131

Price: $10.00

Pacific Peoples' Partnership Blank Greeting Cards

These five attractive and high quality cards celebrate the cultures, biodiversity and exquisite scenery of the South Pacific.

Available in sets of 5 different cards for $5 including envelopes.

Shipping for up to 5 sets of 5 is $2 in Canada, $4 in the USA and $6 International. Inquire for larger orders.

Price: $5.00

Trade My Way - Educational Resource and Teacher's Guide

Trade My Way is a valuable interactive educational resource is directed toward youth aged 13-18, inspiring them to explore their relationship to global trade, and empowering them to take positive and informed action in their communities.

It includes a A Facilitator’s Guide aimed at teachers who are searching for fun and dynamic ways to talk about trade with their students.

Cooperatives: Your Startup Manual

Transforming the global trading system means transforming business. Take a second to see what the new face of business could look like, and how you can start one in your own school or community

Treasure Islands: A Brief History of the Pacific

Many people forget about the South Pacific when they think about the developing world. White beaches and surfing come to mind long before poverty and human rights abuses. This section puts a real face on those who stand to suffer most in the global trading system, or on the flip side, on those who have the most to gain.

Case studies:

Tobacco, mining, sugar and clothing. It challenges students to think about how these are produced, traded, and brought to our doorstop. More importantly, it offers some great of ideas for games and activities that you can use to get your friends and family involved in the discussion. And let’s not forget the Action side – because, ultimately, this kit is about what you can do. At the end youth guide and each case study, you’ll find a bunch of ideas for what you can do. Follow the links and see where they lead!

Price: $20.00

Interfaith Endeavours for Peace in West Papua

by Fr. Neles Tebay

Published by Missio 2006

ISSN 1618 6222

Relations between the Indonesian government and the indigenous Papuans in West Papua have been marked by violent conflict since Indonesia took charge of the territory in 1963. In 2000, the leaders of all the religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, agreed on a joint initiative for peace. Their interfaith collaboration for peace, manifested in a variety of activities, has proved a source of

hope. The religious leaders are now united and committed to working together for peace under the motto ‘Papua, Land of Peace’. Their interfaith peace initiative requires support from all peace-loving people and institutions.

This study on Interfaith Endeavours for Peace in West Papua spells out the threats to peace in the territory, examines the values underlying the concept of ‘Papua, Land of Peace’, explains the interfaith commitment to peace, stresses the need for the involvement of all people in West Papua as well as consistent support from the Indonesian government, military and civil society, and describes how the international community can sustain the campaign for ‘Papua, Land of Peace’.

Shipping is $2 in Canada, $4 in the USA and $6 International

Price: $8.00

He Alo a He Alo: Face to Face: Hawaiian Voices on Sovereignty

Edited by Roger MacPherson Furrer

Published by the Hawaii Office of the American Friends Service Committee

ISBN 0-91002-25-1

Shipping is $3 in Canada, $7 in the USA and $12 International

Diverse but unified Native Hawaiian voices- artists, poets, composers, community activists and volunteers, educators, professors, social workers, students, attorneys, and public officials - explore the meaning of Hawaiian sovereignty from an indigenous perspective. The volume, as a call to action, clusters voices into sections "embracing our past," "uncovering the present," and "dreaming our futures"; it concludes with two appendices: a usefully condensed annotated chronology of Hawaiian history (circa 100 until 1991), and a highly selective, interpretive glossary that is particularly helpful in its inclusion of people (Kuhio), places (Kaho'olawe, Ko'Olina), legislation (such as the 1893 U.S. overthrow of the Constitutional government of Hawaii, the 1898 Annexation Act, and the 1972 Aboriginal Lands of Hawaiian Ancestry lobbying for reparations from the U.S.), and concepts central to an understanding of the issues pertinent to Hawaiian sovereignty, such as the Hawaiian Homes Lands, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Wards of State.

Price: $8.00

Em i Graun Blong Yumi: Popular Theatre and the Melanesian Environment


Two versions available:

59 minutes $30 Canadian plus postage

29 minutes $20 Canadian plus postage

Both come with the teacher’s guide

This video documents the role of popular theatre in Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, showing how it raises awareness among villagers with regard to the impact of resource extraction, particularly logging, and how it provides indigenous villagers with some control over their own social issues. The video is designed to serve as a teaching tool for most levels and comes with a teaching guide. It also provides a view of Melanesian cultural life and socio-political issues.

Shipping in Canda $12, USA $9 Air $15 Express, International Air $15 Express $55

Price: $30.00

Cry of the Forgotten Land

Directed by Ian Mackenzie

26 minutes



This video documents the plight of the forest-dwelling Moi people of West Papua. New Guinea, second largest island on earth, is home to over 100,000 species found nowhere else on earth, and to ancient human cultures, including the Moi people. The Moi's harmonious relationship to nature is threatened by the Indonesian government, whose recruited emigrants are chopping down their rainforest home.

Filmed at great personal risk, this video is a well-crafted study of the ancient Moi culture and its perils.


- Best Environmental Film, Telluride Mountain Film Festival

- Gold Cindy, 35th Annual CINDY Competition

- Silver Apple, National Educational Media Festival

- Silver Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival

- Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival

Shipping in Canda $12, USA $9 Air $15 Express, International Air $15 Express $55

Price: $40.00

Looking the Other Way; The Indonesian Bond: Partnership or Plunder?

By Malia Southard

Published by the South Pacific Peoples’ Foundation 1997

ISBN: 1-881713-02-4

This pre New Order examination of Indonesia's development model that enriched a military and political elite while destroying Indigenous cultures and using violent suppression of human rights to force "modernization."

Shipping is $3 in Canada, $7 in the USA and $12 International

Price: $5.00

Kirisimasi: Fijian Troops at Britain's Christmas Island Nuclear Tests

Published by Pacific Concerns Resource Center

Suva, Fiji. 1999

ISBN: 9-829018-01-6

Christmas Island's Fijian veterans witnessed the development of Britain's hydrogen bomb in the late 1950s. This book documents the lasting health and environmental effects of nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Shipping is $3 in Canada, $7 in the USA and $12 International

Price: $20.00

Pacific Women Speak Out For Independence and Denuclearisation

Edited by Zohl dé Ishtar

A joint publication of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Aotearoa), the Disarmament and Security Centre (Aotearoa), and Pacific Connections (Australia). Raven Press: Christchurch

ISBN 0-473-05666-6

Indigenous women from Australia, Bougainville, East Timor, French Polynesia, Hawaii, West Papua, Marshall Islands, New Zealand and Palau have overcome incredible odds to tell their stories of survival in a joint publication. The editor, Zohl de Ishtar, says "This book is a contribution to the Hague Appeal for Peace, a global campaign to delegitimise war. It arises from our concern that indigenous Pacific women are rarely heard in the wider international arena and is an attempt to make their wisdom more available."

Review by Laura Lynch

These women share their powerful stories with honesty and clarity in an effort to do their part to ensure a safer world for future generations.

Shipping is $3 in Canada, $7 in the USA and $12 International

Price: $10.00

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