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By: Oil Spill Defense  09-12-2011
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Fitting into a variety of standard drainpipe sizes up to 12" in diameter, the Pipe Protector will filter out small concentrations of oils, and will automatically block in the case of major spill - making cleanup easier and vastly reducing environmental impact.

Pipe Protector units are available for both straight and curved drainpipes, and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientations.

For drains larger than 12 inches, Petro Barrier Systems offers filter systems in both square and round form factors. Storm Drain Protectors can remove a far larger amount of contaminants than our Floor Drain Protectors while still allowing now-purified water to flow quickly through the system. Storm Drain Protectors now include a built-in bypass to help protect against blocking by grit and debris.

Berm Barriers attach to the wall of a bermed area such as a transformer site and allow large quantities of rainwater that may have been contaminated by leaking equipment to be purified before release into storm water systems, while using Petro Barrier Systems' oil blocking technology to completely shut off the flow of liquids out of the berm

without human intervention

if a large spill takes place.

Available from Petro Barrier Systems for use in removing contaminants from HazMat areas, tailings ponds, and sumps that are emptied using pumps operating up to 125 psi. Pressure filter systems are built to customer requirements on a site-specific basis, and can include Polishing Filters to remove non-hydrocarbon contaminants.

Separating large amounts of oils from water is part and parcel of preventing pollution, and Petro Barrier Systems' Oil-Water Separator system has been shown to reduce hydrocarbons to 5 parts per million or better. Costing only a fraction of many of the large systems on the market, this is environmental protection and regulatory compliance that will not break a budget.

Oil is not the only hazardous contaminant that can be found in wastewater. Petro Barrier Systems' line of Polishing Filters can remove items such as copper, arsenic, aluminum, lead, boron, chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium and phosphorous among others.

Polishing Filters can also be used in both pressurized and non-pressurized systems.

Petro Barrier Systems is dedicated to ensuring that pollutants are removed before they enter the marine environment, and recognizes that everyone's problems can be a bit different. Our skilled staff will be happy to help you identify the most effective solutions for your location, and are ready to create custom products on demand to meet our customer's needs.

Floor Drain Protectors placed in outdoor environments may be subject to the accumulation of grit and seasonal debris such as leaves. Petro Barrier Systems offers an attachable Leaf Barrier for Floor Drain Protectors to ensure that your drain does not become clogged by this biodegradable debris. Sturdy and corrosion-resistant, Leaf Barriers have seen extensive use to date with Floor Drain Protectors in horizontal installations such as berm wall drains.

Many occasions could call for a free-standing oil absorbent Petro Pad, from placing under a leaky vehicle to cleaning up small amounts of gas spilled into the water while filling watercraft.

Petro Barrier Systems has the solution to protect the California Drains used in many business sites and an increasing number of residential driveways and garages. Using a specially-designed type of filter pad, pollutants will be removed while still allowing these trench-style drains to accumulate wastewater along their full lengths.

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Other products and services from Oil Spill Defense


Oil Spill Defense � Leaf and Grit Barriers

By shielding the filter itself from accumulations of leaves, gravel and other relatively large-particle contaminants, the oil-blocking Floor Drain Protector can continue to function at peak efficiency even in environments that have large amounts of particulate.


Oil Spill Defense � Filters for Metals and Non-Oil Contaminants

Metal Filters are available in a variety of sizes to suit various flow rates, and can also be coupled with Petro Barrier Systems oil filtration products to create a complete protection suite. Berm Barriers - Floor Drain Protectors - Storm Drain Protectors - Oil Water Separators - California Drains - Polishing Filters - Leaf Barriers - Filter Pads - Pressure Filters.


Oil Spill Defense � Custom Solutions

The water would then be chemically treated while in the drum to cause most of the silt and other solids to precipitate out, collecting in the drum over the course of multiple treatments until sufficient had accumulated for normal disposal.


Oil Spill Defence � Pressure Filter Systems

Pressure Filter Systems can range from small systems for onboard personal watercraft to large systems suitable for hazmat water handling at large power utility sites, and can be created either as an add-on to an existing water handling system or designed from the ground up.


Oil Spill Defense � Berm Barrier

Berm Barriers allow contaminated water held within a bermed area or holding pond to be cleaned of hydrocarbons and safely discharged as it accumulates, without the need to ever have a shut-off valve manually operated. Large sites such as transformer vaults and storage tanks often face problems with filtering small concentrations of oil out of very large quantities of water that accumulate from weather or normal operation.


Oil Spill Defense - Storm Drain Protector

Storm drain systems in populated areas are a prime culprit for carrying this pollution to water sources, and a moment contemplating the sheer number of drain inlets in a single city should make it clear why little media exposure is turned on the issue due to the lack of clear targets to implicate as offenders.


Oil Spill Defense - Floor Drain Protector

Even just a few drops of gas being spilled while filling a lawnmower or a car driping oil in the garage for a few days before being fixed will often result in these oil products eventually finding their way into drains, and from there onwards into our waterways.