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By: Oil Spill Defense  09-12-2011
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Petro Barrier Systems is proud to offer the Floor Drain Protector in a range of sizes. Available to fit drains of 2.5 to 12 inches nominal diameter, the Floor Drain Protector is available in both rigid-body (for straight drain pipes) and flexible-body (for curved drain pipes). The Floor Drain Protector is an insert for existing drains, minimizing installation times and costs. The Floor Drain Protector can also be mounted in either horizontal or vertical positions, allowing it to be used in wall-mounted drains for areas prone to water accumulation, such as small outdoor berms and catchbasins.

Flow rates will vary based on the size of the drain, with expected average values shown in the chart to the right. Please note that some variation in flow rate is to be expected, as the filter media inside the product may settle slightly during shipment.

During normal operation, the Floor Drain Protector will remove oil from wastewater that flows into the drain, and is effective at removing oil products to concentrations

under one part per million

. (In comparison, oil often forms a visible sheen begining at about 15 parts per million.) If a large spill occurs that would saturate the filter media's ability to remove it, a chemical reaction will quickly cause the Floor Drain Protector to seal, preventing any of the contaminant from entering the drain system. If this occurs, the Floor Drain Protector can then easily be removed and replaced to renew the protection of the drain.

Floor Drain Protectors can be tailored to use filter materials specially blended for maximum effectiveness in particular applications such as removing automotive, transformer or hydraulic oils upon customer request.

Many small spills end up going down floor drains, flowing directly into storm drain systems. In many areas, this water undergoes little or no treatment for chemicals before the wastewater enters the environment. While often gathering less water than the large storm drain inlets found along roads and in parking lots, many small floor drains can be found in residential garages and basements, as well as in commercial workshops and industrial locations. Often going unused for long periods of time, these drains serve to catch accidental spills or to mitigate flooding, placing them at risk of being suddenly exposed to contaminants when an accident occurs. Even just a few drops of gas being spilled while filling a lawnmower or a car driping oil in the garage for a few days before being fixed will often result in these oil products eventually finding their way into drains, and from there onwards into our waterways.

The Floor Drain Protector places a barrier between the spill and the environment. By chemically binding harmful products into the filter material, we ensure that what leaves your drain is just water, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that what leaves your drain will not contain these harmful compounds.

In the event of a large spill, the material in your Floor Drain Protector will immediately expand and seal off the drain before any of the spill can pass through. This prevents pollution of the water systems and allows for the collection of the spill while it is on the surface and easily accessible.

Keywords: Barrier Systems, Chemical Reaction, Filter Media, Floor Drain, Oil, Storm Drain

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