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By: Oil Spill Defense  09-12-2011
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Berm Barriers allow contaminated water held within a bermed area or holding pond to be cleaned of hydrocarbons and safely discharged as it accumulates, without the need to ever have a shut-off valve manually operated.

Using a parallel arrangement of filters, the Berm Barrier can remove over 10 US gallons of oil before being saturated, and will remove oil sheen and oil contamination to levels

below one part per million

. If a major spill occurs that would saturate the filter material, the filter will automatically block through a chemical reaction and contain the spill within the bermed area. This results in easy recovery and cleanup of the spilled oil without contaminating the local environment, saving huge amounts on remediation, cleanup and potential liabilities.

Berm barriers can also be set up to filter out metals and other non-hydrocarbon contaminants based on the needs of the site.

Large sites such as transformer vaults and storage tanks often face problems with filtering small concentrations of oil out of very large quantities of water that accumulate from weather or normal operation. While large mechanical oil-water-seperator installations are often able to recover hydrocarbons from water when concentrations are high, they frequently lose effectiveness at concentrations that still exceed local environmental regulations.

Containing this water in tanks or bermed areas is a common mitigation measure, but does not solve the underlaying problem of contamination. Additionally, water build up has to eventually be released, often through horizontal drains with valves that are placed into the walls of bermed areas. If liquid overflows the walls of the berm, or if a valve is not closed properly or malfunctions for any reason, contaminated water can then be released into the region, potentially resulting in huge cleanup and liability costs.

The Berm Barrier solution from Petro Barrier Systems allows companies to continue to use containment berms, but eliminates a potential failure point of mechanical operation and human error. Due to the filtration techniques used, the Berm Barrier also does not lose effectiveness as concentrations drop to oil-sheen levels(about 15 parts per million) and below, which can be a problem with mechanical separators during wet weather.

Keywords: Barrier Systems, Chemical Reaction, Contamination, Oil, Storage Tanks, Transformer Vaults

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