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By: Microsec  09-12-2011
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Nuclear Radiation Geiger Counters / Scintillation Counters

We have completed the design of a consumer grade inexpensive geiger counters for the general public.  

In addition for increased sensitivity in underwater surveys we are offering a scintillation counter system.  

Prices are in the $120 to $2000 range from geiger counters to scintillation counters.

If you are interested please write to .. 


STING Penetrometer
For profiling Sea or Lake Bottom Sediment

Microsec is pleased to provide to the oceanographic, enviromental and underwater survey communities
the next generation of the Seabed Terminal Impact Newton Gradiometer, STING Mk II.   This unique
free-fall penetrometer provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative to the methods commonly used
for determining the dynamic load bearing strength of the seabed.   We also offer calibration services.

If you are interested please write to .. 


Tiny Microprocessor Development System
An automation toolkit has been developed by Ed Haslam of Microsec R&D  Inc.   It uses the microchip
line of microcontrollers and offers USB support and motor control as well as conventional serial I/O.

Technical Writing Services in English
This service is intended for Chinese, Japanese and other foreign companies. Manuals can be sent either in
approximate English or in the original Japanese or Chinese (other languages available on request).  We will
turn these into clear and perfect English using the services of Barbara Soutar, BA English. She specializes in
technical writing and works with our electronic and technical staff to get scientific and technical specifications
correctly translated. 

We charge  $100 per hour for this work.  Short manuals can be completed in only one or two days, often costing
less than $1000 each.  We rely on foreign engineering students from the University of Victoria for the translation
services.   Free updates are offered for one year on our documentation if errors are discovered later.

Other services include supplying local North American contacts for your company.  We also offer product design
services, with an English technical manual included in the price of the design.  

to create both
Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Acrobat formats.   This software is also free of virus vulnerabilities that
Microsoft Word is famous for.   Sample documentation available on request .. please email .

Changhong Nickel Iron Cells

-patented by Thomas Edison in 1902, used in first electric cars in 1912
Average Lifespan is 20-40 years.  Some cars from 1912 still running on original cells!

Environmentally friendly electric storage
(contains Nickel, Iron, Potassium and sometimes Lithium hydroxide)
Available in all sizes from 20-1000 amp hours
Each cell is 1.2 volts (24 volts = 20 cells)

Radiation Hormesis Experimentation Samples
We are offering calibrated low level radioactive beads for biologists or medical workers working
with the beneficial effects of low level radiation in biological systems.   The beads selected give
off 1 microsievert/hour and are classified as safe for use in jewellery. Calibrated Uranium Glass Beads for Sale

Beads under normal light    /     Beads under UV light

Microsec is offering calibrated uranium glass beads for researchers.   The uranium
is locked into the glass matrix and cannot escape unless you crush the glass to a fine
powder.   Even then the uranium content is less than 2% of the glass.  

The small bead cluster shown puts out 1.1 microsieverts/hour.  Each set of beads is
calibrated with a geiger counter prior to shipping.   These are jewellery grade uranium
beads which have been popular for almost 200 years and are safe both to wear and to ship
in the mail.

Here are the prices for our bead clusters based on nuclear radiation output.
The beads are rated based on the microsievert / hour readings from a geiger
counter.  The following are the strengths offered for a necklace:
1 uSv/hour $20 / setof 2 beads on string.
2 uSv/hour $22 / setof 3 beads on string.
3 uSv/hour $24 / set of 4 beads on string.
4 uSv/hour $26 / set of 5 beads on string.

Uranium Glass Marbles

Shown fluorescing under UV light To purchase 12 uranium glass marbles the price is $25.
These marbles are calibrated to deliver 0.4 microsieverts/hour each.
These uranium glassmarbles are available for experiments. 
Each releases 0.4 microSieverts / hour.These sets are useful for petri dish based tests with bacteria, algae, fungi etc.  Any local
toy shop can provide for non radioactive marbles to act as a control experiment.The price for these 12 calibrated marbles is $25.  Shipping in North America for a
dozen beads or marbles is $5 by regular mail.
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Keywords: Beads, calibration, Geiger Counters, Marbles, Uranium Glass