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By: Maternity Massage Therapy  09-12-2011
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Home Visits

If at some point throughout or after your pregnancy you are unable to come to the clinic due to health reasons* (such as prescribed bed rest) or difficulties scheduling child care we can arrange massage therapy treatments in your home. I have a portable massage table that works great for home visits—it is not a pregnancy table but treatments can easily be done with you in a side-lying position. Postpartum treatments can be scheduled while baby is napping or baby can join you on the table—if he/she needs to feed, we can still continue with the massage. We can also arrange for a friend of yours to have a massage during the same visit—one person can watch baby (and any other children) while the other is able to fully relax on the table.

For in home massages, you’ll need to provide:

•    A warm area, approximately 6' x 9' in size (enough room for me to be able to move around a 2’ x 6’ massage table)

•    4 regular bed pillows

•    1 large towel (to be used as a head pillow)

•    Some form of relaxing music (unless you prefer silence) - I can bring CDs if you can provide a CD player

*For complicated health circumstances, approval from your physician or maternity health care provider is required

Keywords: health care, Massage, Massage Therapy, Massage Therapy Treatments, pregnancy

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Yes—as long as your maternity physician/healthcare provider has given you consent for receiving massage therapy because a multiple gestation is considered a high risk pregnancy. If there were complications with the birth that left your health compromised you need to have consent from your physician/healthcare provider before receiving massage.