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Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage therapy covered by MSP or my extended health care plan?

Medical Services Plan pays $23 per treatment for up to 10 visits per calendar year, for Premium Assistance patients only. If you have extended medical coverage, please check your particular policy to see how much you will be reimbursed as plans vary between individuals.

What clothing do I wear for massage?

If you are comfortable with nothing on, that is best.  Massage therapy is most effective when the skin is exposed. You will be covered under sheets & a blanket throughout the treatment and the only parts exposed are those that are being massaged.

Is it true that I’m not supposed to have my feet/knees/hands/shoulders massaged as it can trigger early labour/miscarriage?

Massaging those areas will do no harm if done the correct way. There are reflexology points that can stimulate uterine contractions but they need to be activated with a specific amount of pressure for a specific amount of time—when doing maternity massage therapy we do not have the intention of activating those points, even when using deeper pressure in those areas.

What position will I be in during a massage?

The table I use is specifically designed to support pregnant women in a face down position up to full term and throughout nursing. Face up is an acceptable position up to a certain point in pregnancy, and then we use pillows to prop you up to be partially seated. Side-lying also works for some women. If a woman is ever uncomfortable I reposition her.

Is massage painful?

On tight/irritated areas, massage therapy can be uncomfortable and cause soreness the following day. Generally, maternity massage is not done as deeply as other therapeutic massage treatments so as not to damage any fragile tissues. But massage can be done as light or as deep as is needed.

Can I have massage if I’m carrying multiple babies?

Yes—as long as your maternity physician/healthcare provider has given you consent for receiving massage therapy because a multiple gestation is considered a high risk pregnancy.

How do I prepare for my first massage visit?

We schedule 15 minutes at the start of your treatment for you to fill out paperwork but feel free to complete it in advance prior to arriving (

). If you are in the first trimester, please eat something (but not too much) prior to coming to avoid nausea. Ensure you are well hydrated—but have an empty bladder. Wear/bring comfy clothes if you’re able to so that you are comfortable afterwards. Plan to not do any strenuous activity afterwards, as it is best to be able to relax for the remainder of the day.

How soon can I start doing massage once I’m pregnant?

As soon as you want to—if you are considered a high risk pregnancy though, please have consent from your maternity physician/healthcare provider prior to your first massage visit.

Is there anything I can do in between visits to relieve my symptoms?

Yes—I have lots of helpful suggestions for homecare throughout pregnancy and beyond. I will give recommendations based on your individual condition.

My doctor/midwife has recommended I take it easy and try not to leave the house; can I still have massage treatments?

Yes, as long as you have consent from your healthcare provider, we can arrange home visits.

How soon after delivering my baby can I have a massage?

As soon as you are able to move around and do simple daily activities, which is usually within 2—9 days. If there were complications with the birth that left your health compromised you need to have consent from your physician/healthcare provider before receiving massage.

I can’t get a sitter but I want to have a massage, what should I do?

We can always arrange home visits so that you can have a massage while baby is napping—baby can even join you on the massage table. You could also try to find a friend in the same situation as you—one person can watch the kids while the other has a massage.

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