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By: Maple Audio Works  09-12-2011
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All of our products use only premium quality materials. We use the highest quality oxygen free copper, finest quality dielectrics and insulation. We use our own proprietary weaving and construction methods to achieve what we think are some of the best quality and best sounding cables offered in the industry. The proof is in the testing, we stand by our products and challenge you to find better cables for the same prices.


We have surpassed the qualities of our Natural Cable, this cable offers qualities comparable to the best cables available in today's market at a fraction of the price.


This hand made cable offers a large plush sound stage with an incredibly low noise floor and beautiful resolution in all frequency ranges, as well as dynamic placement of instruments and vocals. We like to think these cables bring you to the original performance, close your eyes and you might just believe you are there.


This hand made cable offers much of the same as our Natural cable just not to the same degree. You can still hear things you've never heard with any cable in this price range. Let the sound of these cables caress your ears and send you on a voyage of tranquil bliss.


The Ambiance cables offer unparalleled value in entry level audiophile quality cables. For those of you who never considered spending big dollar amounts on audio cables because of only marginal performance increases. We think this cable will turn heads. All you expect in much more expensive cables, these handmade cables are geared towards audiophiles with a budget and represents dramatic improvements in your sound system.


Whisper is designed for budget audiophiles who have a desire for quality sound experience and not the price tag of higher end cables. This set will optimize any system.

Digital Video

Enhance picture quality giving you optimum color definition and exceptionally low noise. Digital construction built with solid core OFCE 99.99% oxygen free monocristal copper. FPE (foam). Kapton dielectric. Continuous 100% coverage shield. Terminated with silver RCA.

Power Cables

Yes, power cables make a big difference. Just think of what an amplifier is, it amplifies anything coming into it, the main thing being power. Anything you can do to clean up your power is an advantage to your sound system, you will hear the results in resolution, sound stage, noise floor and transparency. Amplifiers are not the only components that will benefit from clean power, CD players and transports are highly sensitive to dirty power. Our power cables are built with heavy duty with Hubbell hospital grade plugs, and they are heavily shielded to decrease EMI & RFI. Every component you own can transfer interference and can degrade your system as a whole.

Everyone says they make the best cables in the world, we will put this a different way, we will let you decide, all of cables rival cables costing up to three times their price. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Keywords: Amplifier, Audio Cables, Cables, Digital Video

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