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By: M4 Group  13-05-2011
Keywords: Web Site Design, Website Development, Web Site Development

Websites are an entry point to the vast world of e-commerce. How your new website looks is important of course and every business owner has a definite idea about what that “look” should be. After all, a website serves as a dynamic entry portal into the entire scope of your business. A virtual grand lobby and storefront all in one!

Yet, to be a welcoming, effective sales concierge for any business, a great website must carefully harmonize the needs of three (3) demanding masters:

- the on-line consumer (impatiently searching for what you have or do)

- the business owner (energetically seeking new and more frequent consumers)

- the search engine gods (continuously improving algorithms to provide better search results)

What we're really great at is building custom integrated websites that harmonize with these special needs and for every budget.

What really counts with website design and integrated SEO practices is not just what search traffic sees when they get to your website--but what they don’t see that’s also essential.

Here's a BONUS: every website we develop is hardwired to receive search engine optimizing systems and tools. When your business is ready to receive the full SEO service treatment, we render in the essentials, activate your plug-ins and you're ready to get indexed and do some serious e-commerce business in your local market niche.

Keywords: Web Optimization, Web Site Design, Web Site Development, Website Development, website optimisation

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Social Media Fusion Programs

Social Media is a must for every business these days. Unfortunately the time required to start or maintain conversation is overwhelming and unsustainable for most business owners. Even if you have internal resources for Social Media management, (which we recommend) using our Social Media Fusion will maximize your results and get the rocket off the ground. Once it is launched watch it take on a life of its own, and use your own staff to guide it along.  


Mobile Marketing Fusion Programs

More than 70% of the population carries their phone with them at all times. So you can expect a much higher response rate compared to traditional media — a 20-70% response rate depending on the mobile marketing campaign and audience. Surveys show 95% of mobile users will read your ads, too. Marketing through mobile phones is an easy way to build powerful databases for future promotions or broadcasts. And you won’t need to guess “if the marketing is working” anymore.


SEO packages

Optimizing drives more qualified traffic to your website to establish rank, position & authority. Page rank matters. The higher your position on search engines for popular keywords, the more traffic you receive; the more traffic you receive, the more opportunity you have to convert a sale. By building up your rankings, you will increase how many people choose to land on your website and improve your conversion rates.