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By: Lipo Trading  09-12-2011
Keywords: Industrial Cleaning, Metal Processing

Isoparaffin is highly purified mixture of isoparaffin with varieties of carbon chains ranging from C9 to C14. It is transparent liquid with odorless, high evaporate rate and narrow distillation range and high flash points.

Major Application:

  • Rubber goods
  • Adhesives
  • Metal processing oil
  • Dry clean and industrial cleaning
  • Electrostatic copying liquid
  • Catalyst carrier for LDPE production
  • Pesticize
  • Areosol spray


Grades   Specific Gravity (°C)  Distillation Range (°C)

Flash Point (°C)

Aniline Point (°C) Aromatic   % 





Viscosity Bromine index
SK-ISOL C   0.697  97-100  <0  79  0.002  <1  +30  0.45  5
SK-ISOL E   0.724  117-137  6  71  0.002  <1  +30  0.61  5
SK-ISOL G  0.743  158-179  40  83  0.002  <1  +30  1.093  1.1
SK-ISOL H  0.759  175-190  57  84  0.02  <1  +30  1.448  0.7

Keywords: Industrial Cleaning, Metal Processing

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