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By: Light Emitting Computers  09-12-2011
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PPF: Photosynthetic Photon Flux
RGB: Red Green Blue
LED: Light Emitting Diode

Early production versions of the FloraLamp use three discrete LED for red, green, and blue. However, we initially intended the unit to use a custom LED created specifically for Light Emitting Computers, Inc. according to our requirements for the optimal fulfillment of Dr. Folta's concept. This (global patent pending) LED design incorporates multiple plant specific wavelengths of light in a single RGB package. This becomes possible as the very latest ultra high power RGB LED packages are designed to carry up to three emitters for each of the three primary human visual colors. Our patent protected design utilizes existing RGB manufacturing infrastructure to produce an LED for a purpose far removed from the original design of the classic RGB LED. With three emitter die in each of three circuits, the LEC PPF-RGB-LED(tm) can emit broadband photomorphic plant spectra with three channel PMMS control.

A PPF-RGB-LED includes up five peak power frequencies in a single LED package. With a single shade of green (525nm), two shades of blue (450nm & 470nm) and two shades of red (670nm and 640nm).

These special patent protected LED are immediately available from us as discrete components in a variety of power levels: 3, 5, and 10 watts.

The 10 watt will sell for $25USD each, and can be provided at less expense when ordering in bulk.

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Keywords: Led Packages, Light Emitting,

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It is through our professional liaison with these cutting edge academic scientists that LEC is able to provide the basic programs for the MarkV, utilizing the nascent understandings only now being discovered by the targeted research of these academic heavyweights. Our patent protected design utilizes this existing manufacturing infrastructure to produce an LED for purposes far removed from the original design of the classic RGB LED.


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The design of the FloraLamp was commissioned by Dr. Kevin Folta of the University of Florida to a needs specification of the National Science Foundation, which we were uniquely prepared to produce within budget exactly to the stated requirements. They are capable of restoring health to a stressed or light starved plant, sprouting seed, rooting small cuttings, or providing fresh spice herbs for a kitchen.


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In a standard operating environment using either the Vegetative mode or the Fruiting mode, the full sized light will emit over 500 PAR watts during a normal daylight cycle. Currently, the design has a physical dimension of 14"x9", at one end a rectangular emitter area of 8"x8" emitting light onto a square table area of 4'x4'. The design allows for a possible peak power of 610 PAR watts, at which time the light would be in an over-rated state.