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By: Light Emitting Computers  09-12-2011

Introducing the LEC MarkV Plant Whisperer™ commercial agricultural grow light. It will be available in two versions, a 400 watt model and a 600 watt model. The 400w unit will be essentially similar in every respect to the 600w except the flux density will be 2/3, and it will cost less. What follows is a detailed description of the 600w "Plant Whisperer".

The unit will be similar in size to the MarkIV series. Currently, the design has a physical dimension of 14"x9", at one end a rectangular emitter area of 8"x8" emitting light onto a square table area of 4'x4'. The design is intended to allow four units to be placed end-to-end and side-by-side effectively providing a single emitter area of 18"x18". In each emitter area will be loaded with a high density array of 187 3W LEDs (125 for the 400W) and a halo of iR LED around the sides. The coloration will have bilateral symmetry.

New!! Full PMMS!

This major design upgrade from the experimental MarkIV device is being put forth as the LEC MarkV "Plant Whisperer"(TM). This is the first LEC device to fully implement the PMMS Plant Metabolism Management System. The six channels of control we are implementing are FloraRed (Deep Red), VegeBlue (Royal Blue), NighTweek (Near InfraRed), PropaGreen (Green), HarvestGold (Amber), and the optional Cryolet (Ultraviolet).

The MarkV Plant Whisperer will function to vegetate, flower, and fruit; with variable settings for each. The basic programs within the Plant Whisperer will include specific propagation cycles for seedlings and clones. It will include the "harvest" stage spectral component (HarvestGold) to promote carotene and xanthophyll and a phototropic spectral component (PropaGreen) to guide sprouts and control inter-nodal distancing. There is an infrared control channel which will command up to 50 watts of 730nm emission for the recycling of phytochrome.

The main photosynthesis channels, VegeBlue (470nm-450nm) and FloraRed (predominantly 670nm with some 640nm) will be each be 216 watts. And the additional channel provides the ability to drive another 27 watts of experimental flux, and in fact this can be doubled to 54 watts (by removing 27 watts of light from another channel) if required. We recommend near UV in the cryptochrome range of sensitivity broadly centered around 380nm, however these LED are very expensive. By default, until our cost is lower on this item, we will be populating this string with either extra VegeBlue or FloraRed. These optional strings are also capable of being populated with special infrared frequencies if the client so desires.

The design allows for a possible peak power of 610 PAR watts, at which time the light would be in an over-rated state. None of the included growth cycle programs utilize this level of power. This is because the color balance between spectral flux densities at this over-rated power level isn't proper for any known stage of plant growth. If the agronomist chooses to use his device in such a fashion full time, we will recommend a power supply upgrade and void the warranty coverage. We have designed for this however, and the Plant Whispering front end programmer will allow you to create programs that peak momentarily or even run full time at peak power, but the programmer will warn the user of the consequences and require a specific override command. When traded or otherwise shared, the new user when loading this program will be notified of the level of warranty over-run and also be required to invoke the override command to make use of it. We promise not to be excessively dramatic when we warn you!

Our proven design and manufacturing paradigm also allows for special runs of product to be created with custom LED combinations for specific experimental purposes.

In a standard operating environment using either the Vegetative mode or the Fruiting mode, the full sized light will emit over 500 PAR watts during a normal daylight cycle. During Vegetative periods, the light will appear predominantly blue, and during the flowering periods, the overall tint will trend further into the red. During some phases of growth, and depending on other factors as may be desired, use of the PropaGreen channel will be used to stretch or inhibit inter-nodal distances, allowing for fluctuations of an additional 50 watts as may be required. During course of a fruiting/flowering cycle, the total power will rise to 550 watts as the HarvestGold LED light up.

During periods of metamorphosis, when the plants are expected to change from one form of growth to another, the NighTweek infrareds will operate after dark and before dawn as well as during some periods of the light cycle, to promote specific changes for the transition intended, such as rooting cuttings, or germinating seeds, or transiting from vegetative growth to flowering. We will include a special program for reverting a flowering plant back to its vegetative state. This unnatural transition will require the agronomist to perform specific pruning operations on the reverting plant as well as provide certain fertilizer chemistries for a successful outcome. We are developing special instructional support and designing discussion forums for this and other 'new wave' operations made possible through the Plant Whispering process.

New!! High Impact Optical Encasement and Holographic Fresnel Lens!

The LEC MarkV Plant Whisperer will be first to market with many features. Two such new features are the holographic lens and high impact optical encapsulation. When we combine these two new technologies we gain a powerful upgrade in the utility of our product. The LEC MarkV Plant Whisperer emitter face is designed to serve the double duty of holographically putting each photon exactly where we want it, whilst simultaneously protecting the light from all manner of environmental hazard. This gives the product a robust durability complimenting the expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The depreciation curve of this product may well prove to be virtually flat.

The creation of an entire domain of IP:

The nature of the LEC software allows development of an external computer programing environment, so users may engage in their own PMMS programming. This begins our 'master plan' of creating an entire user copyright domain. When LEC users write their own LEC programs, they will have the opportunity to share, trade, or sell them across the entire LEC marketplace.

Maximum efficiency:

We will demonstrate in the LEC MarkV Plant Whisperer an overall reduction of electrical usage in a high intensity growing environment of over 60% when factors such as air conditioning requirements, temperature control, as well as lighting costs are factored. The lights alone will operate using 30% of the electricity required by the equivalent PAR rating of HID lighting. For a comparator, according to SunMaster(tm) charts, it can be numerically derived that an HID produces 1 watt of PAR light for a cost of 3.6 watts of electricity. An LEC produces 1 PAR watt at a cost of 1.2 watts of electricity. When placed into the context of a high density greenhouse, this savings is multiplied by freedom from the need to manage the excessive waste energy (twice the total consumed by an LEC) which is inevitably deposited into the growing environment as heat.

All LEC devices run from DC power, smaller ones at 12 volts, and larger scale lights run on 24 volts. Grid supplied 120VAC or 240VAC is used with the standard included power supply. If a user is working in an off-grid situation and has plenty of 24 volt power available, MarkV lights can be delivered by custom order without AC power supplies at a significant savings to the client.

All LEC Plant Whisperers can network with each other to synchronize timing cycles. One unit will be designated master and the rest of the lights will act as slave to that light. In the event of a power failure, the sidereal and circadian cycles will be maintained automatically, as the lights contain battery backed up clocks. We can custom manufacture lights with main lamp internal battery backups which will keep the lights on for the duration of most brownouts, or up to 30 minutes of complete power blackout.


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It is through our professional liaison with these cutting edge academic scientists that LEC is able to provide the basic programs for the MarkV, utilizing the nascent understandings only now being discovered by the targeted research of these academic heavyweights. Our patent protected design utilizes this existing manufacturing infrastructure to produce an LED for purposes far removed from the original design of the classic RGB LED.


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Our patent protected design utilizes existing RGB manufacturing infrastructure to produce an LED for a purpose far removed from the original design of the classic RGB LED. This becomes possible as the very latest ultra high power RGB LED packages are designed to carry up to three emitters for each of the three primary human visual colors.