Kontact - Virtual Inside Sales Force

By: Kontact  09-12-2011

One of the biggest values we bring to the table is our ability to become


inside sales team. Our clients choose this solution if they do not have an existing inside sales force or they wish to augment their existing team.

We can provide a seamless and professional sales arm for your company. Our clients determine how much of the inside sales function they wish us to provide. We can simply fill the top end of the sales funnel or nurture leads right through to a signed contract (where applicable).

Your virtual inside sales force will consist of one or more Lead Generators and an Inside Sales Manager. By combining seasoned Lead Generators with an expert Inside Sales Manager, we are able to maximize your return on investment by:

  • ensuring no sales opportunities are overlooked or wasted
  • providing an environment of continuous improvement
  • providing a complete, competent and reliable outsourced solution
  • conducting regular strategy sessions to optimize results
  • closely monitoring performance and course correcting where needed
  • taking yet another administrative/management responsibility off your plate
  1. Lead Generators
    • Will have 5+ years experience generating new leads
    • Will have high volume cold calling experience
    • Provide initial lead qualification
    • Set appointments
    • Gather market intelligence

  2. Inside Sales Manager
    • Will have 10 + years experience in corporate sales, sales management, sales training
    • Use consultative sales approach to further qualify leads and prospects
    • Book sales appointments for outside sales representatives
    • Close new business and get signed contracts (where applicable)
    • Identify additional high leverage sales opportunities
    • Manage entire inside sales team and lead generation process