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By: John Bengey  09-12-2011
Keywords: Load Control

The challenge -- how to reduce energy cost by centrally controlling peripheral electrical loads, without the high cost and long payback of hard wired systems. The solution -- A-10 powerline carrier (PLC) controls. A-10 PLC remains the most cost effective technology available for load control with an existing building management system or home automation computer.

Advanced Control Technologies' A-10 PLC uses existing wiring as its communication pathway. High frequency, digital signals travel the powerlines from transmitters connected to your main building controller to receivers that wire directly to the loads under control. The result is a reliable control network that saves as much as 75% in labor costs compared to conventional hard-wire systems.

A sampling of their product line is shown below. Please call TSS at (800) 955-3264 if you don't see the item you're looking for.

TK184 - 8 button wall mounted A-10 transmitter

TK 184 - 8 button wall mounted A-10 transmitter. The TK 184 can be programmed for status request, rude or polite transmit mode, all lights on, all units off, all lights off and bright/dim. Suffix I- ivory, W-white, A-almond.

TB134 - Dry contact interface trnasmitter

TB 134 - dry contact interface transmitter features 6-channel tranmitter capability. Connect to any dry contact closure (i.e., photocell, time clock, freezestat,etc.) to initiate A-10 powerline commands. 120 or 277 VAC, box mounted. Selectable for maintained or momentary dry contact, rude or polite transmission.

RS104 - 20 Amp wall mount switch receiver

RS 104 - 20 Amp wall mount switch receiver. Replaces standard electrical switch to provide local manual or remote control. Programmable to respond to status request messages from the TK184 transmitter. Includes green LED status light. The RD 104 version is dimmable and rated at 500 Watts.

RF104 - 20 Amp fixture receiver

RF104 - 20 Amp fixture receiver, available in 120, 208 or 277VAC. Includes manual override switch. Can be mounted inside existing lighting fixtures or other enclosures.

RB104 - Box mount receiver

RB 104 - box mount receiver is a SPDT (Form C) isloated relay with 30 Amp rating. Includes local ON/OFF/AUTO switch and terminals for remote ON/OFF switch. Mounts on 4-11/16" X 4-11/16" electrical box.

AT004 - A10 test meter

AT 004 - A10 test meter. Displays noise, signal levels and signal frames. Selectable 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° transmit pulse. Logs noise and signal levels up to 24 hours.

TI103-RS232 - Power line carrier transceiver

The TI103-RS232 is a power line carrier transceiver with an RS232 serial communications cable to connect to any IBM compatible computer.

The TI103-RS232 is available in 9600/19200 baud (switch selectable).

A building automation system or any IBM compatible PC can use the TI103-RS232 to monitor and control X10, ACT or Leviton powerline carrier modules. It can receive and transmit standard X10 and ACT extended code protocols. Transmit commands and received data is pre-formatted in ASCII such as A1 ON, B3 DIM, etc.

RP124 - Plug-in receiver

The RP124 is an A10 enhanced powerline carrier plug-in receiver capable of switching a 15 amp load.

The RP124 may be individually remote controlled by a transmitter in another location or by the command ALL UNITS OFF. It can be locally controlled on and off using a push button located on the front of the unit.

Keywords: Load Control

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