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By: Jacobs Scott  09-12-2011

Fatigue in the Workplace

In its quest for delivering high quality workplace solutions, Jacobs | Scott is proud to announce its solution to the management and prevention of workplace fatigue. The Fatigue-O-Meter alertness monitoring system recognizes the need for a human risk management tool from the behavioural and psychological fields.

Industry has acknowledged that accident prevention programs should address three important variables that interact dynamically in undesirable incidents or occupational accidents:

  • The working environment, task methodologies, materials and equipment;
  • The competencies, knowledge and skills of the worker.
  • The mental state, health, fatigue, well being and stress levels of the worker.

The first two variables are addressed by frameworks governing safety in the work environment.

Only recently has the third variable received serious attention as employers attempt to lower health and safety risks in the workplace, through implementing appropriate measures to deal with fatigue, stress and safety, and providing employees with strategies to take action in these areas.

The Fatigue-O-Meter system has proven to be an effective tool and safety management system to help employers reduce high accident and fatality costs resulting from workplace accidents attributed to fatigue.

The Product

The Fatigue-O-Meter is a simple spatio-mental orientation and alertness system that determines if an individual is sufficiently alert and can be expected to work safely. The easy-to-use system recognizes the worker’s typical alertness level and can immediately detect a drop in performance level.

The Fatigue-O-Meter is not a psychometric test and utilizes a computerized assessment that compares a person's current level of mental alertness against his or her personal baseline. The Fatigue-O-Meter is compatible with both PC and Apple, using either desktop or laptop systems. A lightweight hand-held unit makes the Fatigue-O-Meter portable for those who are on the road or away from the office. Assessments take a few minutes to complete and results are immediate.

Why Use the Fatigue-O-Meter?

Some fatigue analysis systems broadly identify which groups of employees may be at risk of fatigue while others identify if individuals have received enough hours of rest. But the Fatigue-O-Meter identifies an individual’s actual level of mental alertness, based on his or her own baseline.

Testing for alcohol or drugs can only identify drowsiness or lack of alertness associated with these influences. The Fatigue-O-Meter can detect anomalous performance regardless of the underlying cause.

Although the Fatigue-O-Meter will not guarantee that individuals who pass the test will not have an accident or that individuals who do not pass will, in fact, be involved in an incident, what you can ensure is that some of the key causes of industrial accidents are responsibly measured and management action taken to pre-empt costly loss, damage or fatality.


Each worker’s baseline data is continually updated, and organizations can implement proactive measures based on the degree of perceptual incapacitation. Unlike learned skills, perceptual alertness is affected by fatigue, stress, trauma, drugs, alcohol, illness, etc and is subject to short-term variation.


  • Helps employers decide which individual to trust with difficult or stressful tasks;
  • Identifies individuals who may be a potential danger to themselves and others;
  • Serves as a passive warning to employees to rest or refrain from debilitating actions before they commence work;
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to visual inspections of employees, often conducted by people not professionally qualified to assess fatigue levels;
  • Over time, identify individuals with poor perceptual alertness, thus allowing employers to better manage their performance and pre-empt costly damage to machinery and potential injury and fatality.

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