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By: Itgroove Professional Services  09-12-2011

Of all the products that Microsoft has launched over the years, SharePoint is arguably the single most game-changing and the hardest to define.  In a nutshell, SharePoint is a bundled, unified collection of tools and technologies that puts immense power and functionality into the hands of businesses of all sizes.  Microsoft defines SharePoint’s abilities as “Collaborate Efficiently”, “Enhance Productivity”, “Improve Access”, “Manage Information” and “Integrate Processes”.  We at itgroove define SharePoint as “simply awesome”!

SharePoint gives you the tools and ability to eliminate the closed “silos” of information that exist inside your business.  The information that your business relies on can easily and securely be made available to all who need it on any device, at anytime, and anywhere there is an Internet connection available.  What’s more, the information can come from many sources within your organization and it can be presented in many ways (or views) to match the needs of your users.  All information within SharePoint is searchable so there is no longer any excuse for not being able to find that important document that got “lost” in the server. SharePoint drives collaboration and productivity within your user community as it provides the tools for your users to easily share information and collaborate on ideas and projects.

SharePoint is also the “glue” that Microsoft is using to create conduits and bindings between all of its products.  Going forward, everything Microsoft will also be everything SharePoint.  That means that you can drive even more return from your Microsoft products (and that includes the Business products like Great Plains) by implementing SharePoint within your business.  And the best part of the SharePoint story is that it is “size agnostic” – any company or organization regardless of size can benefit from SharePoint.

SharePoint Consulting and Implementation Services from the itgroove SharePoint Specialists

itgroove offers a number of consulting and implementation services to help almost any size organization realise the benefits of using SharePoint.Our SharePoint professionals lead by Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint Server MVP, can help you solve real business problems today.

SharePoint Hosting

Sometimes it just isn’t possible or preferable to host your SharePoint site in-house.  itgroove can help you with  a SharePoint site hosted on our equipment and we look after all the backend details.  You and your users get to enjoy all the benefits of SharePoint for a fixed monthly fee.  We make all of the Microsoft supplied SharePoint templates available to you so that you can start solving business problems immediately.  If your business needs are such that a predefined template does not fit your requirements, itgroove can provide the needed consulting and services to provide a SharePoint site that precisely fits your needs.  And we can help you move from a hosted environment to your own environment at any time.

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In addition, itgroove has forged strategic alliances with other quality companies providing complimentary services to assist your business in a wide variety of areas including accounting, software development, certified cabling and more.


SharePoint for the Small to Mid-Size Business

With many of the same features and functions of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SharePoint Services can drive new functionality into the IT infrastructure at any small to mid-size business. Many large enterprises are taking advantage of Microsoft SharePoint to enable user collaboration and align business processes across business units and disperse geographical locations.


SharePoint In Plain English

While it is difficult to encapsulate the vast framework that SharePoint is, the folks at Microsoft have done a great job of giving a quick, visual primer, in 3 short minutes.