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By: Item  09-12-2011

is the latest generation of decorative signal head housing specially designed for LED usage with 1, 2, or 3 lenses.

is the world's first traffic signal developed using eco-design principles, offering a new level of efficiency and environmental consideration.  Ultra-slim design for FUTURLED lenses ensures highest energy efficiency and appealing, modern appearance with optimized strength and visibility.

is an innovative traffic solution for cyclists.  It is available in 8 or 12 inch FUTURLED3 retrofits in red, amber, or green.

About the manufacturer:

Swarco Futurit was founded in 1933 as a plastic injection molding factory. Over the years it diversified into the traffic signaling field by creating the first traffic light using polycarbonate plastic in 1962. Hundreds of thousands of polycarbonate traffic lights in over 60 countries later, Swarco Futurit is concentrating research and development into various optical systems using LEDs.

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Complete systems available for crosswalk and delineation in-roadway lighting.