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By: Inside Awareness  09-12-2011
Keywords: Feng Shui, Experiential Learning


  • Personal Lifestyle & Healthy Home

    Personal programs designed individually for a more in depth assessment increasing your support for a better experience of fitness, happiness and success. Designed to motivate, to learn and for life skill development.

  • Successful Business

    Business programs designed individually for supporting integration of business goals, creating agreement between employee's intention and business intention, gaining clarity through environment analysis and support through employee training to improve working conditions and customer relations.

  • Sleep Sweet Sleep

    Combines the art of three systems;

    Feldenkrias exercises to increase the flow of oxygen through your whole body's movement patterns while breathing naturally. This is experiential learning through scientifically designed exercises that work with the mechanics of your whole body structure. Simple natural breath comes through a combination of supportive movements that considers the respiratory, nervous, cardio-vascular and the psychological systems.

    Urban Feng Shui techniques designed to explore how you can create the perfect luxurious conditions to relax and simplify going to sleep and staying asleep. Find out how to have a bedroom you love to relax in simply by shifting the contents to fit the space and floor plan.

    Getting InTouch skills to simplify; the to do lists, re-living the day's events and the longings that rattle around in your head as you try to shut off your mind.

  • Training - Business Development

    Empathy Training - Increase Customer Relations

    Improve customer relations by developing empathy skills to connect and draw customers in rather than pushing them away. For example, if a customer has a hard to hear message for the employee, such as a complaint, the employee learns how best not to make this personal and go into defensive reaction. Instead the employee provides an empathic ear and feedback designed to decreases tension that will gets better results. Teaching your employees simple resolution techniques keeps and grows customers! These techniques create happier employees.

    Successful Employees, Successful Business - 2 hour

    A two hour workshop presentation designed for developing awareness and understanding of how employees can organize their offices, desks, and personal areas for their own personal success and accomplishment in your business environment, creating better relationships and ensuring overall success of the business. It will focus upon the relationship of the environment to outcomes. For example, clutter - lack of clarity and timely completion.

    Keywords: Experiential Learning, Feng Shui

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    Inside Awareness - Reshaping experience - Feldenkrais Method - products

    Introducing this method and integrating it into your lifestyle will allow for an increased sense of wellbeing and enhanced immune system."Renee Lindstrom. An easy step by step process to create your own personal design integrating the values you want to express in your life and in your relationships. Feldenkrias exercises to increase the flow of oxygen through your whole body's movement patterns while breathing naturally.